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  1. Tabber Hover Color

    Hi Nick, my knowledge in css is enough to get me by but every now and then i hit a wall - this time it's the blue hover color on the tabs? I've got everything in the tabber looking how i want through the CSS but can't seem to change the hover color (blue), look forward to hearing back!
  2. I use this section quite a few places and all my sites, the first tab/page is open on loading. That is currently not happening on my site. I've tried disabling plug-ins and it's still not helping. Any thoughts/help? Thanks!
  3. Hi Nick, I am using Tabber very successfully on one part of my site but I am having problems on another (http://benidorm-selections.com/map/) This page has a different map on each tab. However, the maps don't load properly until I open up firebug or web inspector then they load... Can you suggest a way to fix it? Many thanks, Glyn
  4. HI all, I have made a hideous mistake.... I noticed a new version of a section that I have (tabber) so I downloaded it. I tried to upload the new version and received the message that the folder already existed. So I deleted the folder through my FTP and I uploaded it again. This time I got the message that it had installed correctly but it is not available in my 'your added sections' and is not working on my site. I've tried 'refresh store' and I've refreshed my cache but it is not there... Can anyone help me get it back?? Thanks, Glyn (pagelines framework 2.4.1)
  5. Hi Nick, Tabber is a great addition to various sites i've worked on so far. On this one however (http://stretchactivities.com/WP/where-we-teach/) i've noticed there is a large amount of spacing below the first two tabs that for some reason is below the footer? i've looked at the pages its pulling the content from and they have the correct endings
  6. Content Not Showing

    Hi Nick, what i'm trying to do is replace the standard category page with a tabber page where you click each post and it will show with your section all on the one page, which is more or less what i'm assuming Tabber was built for! Sounds great, however i've typed in the title and post ID's into the correct place and they're not showing the content? It does work with Posts aswell as Pages, right? What am i missing? http://1065641547.n588565.test.prositehosting.co.uk/training/ this is the page im working on ( the one in the menu is the one im trying to cross over ) Look forward to getting on with this feature.
  7. If I enter the Traditional Chinese in Tabber tabs , it will become very very strange!! So, I think just to use backgroud image to do the tricks . But all tabs are the same class . would you please consider to make your extension international ? Or just gie evr tab a unique class so I can make them different . If not in Chinese Or can't use background , this extension is useless to me . http://www.sohokakadong.com/lucky/%E9%A6%96%E9%A0%81/%E5%B9%B8%E7%A6%8F%E6%9C%83%E5%93%A1/ Here is the links. class= nothing and If I use Chinese , the Tab won't work.
  8. Hi Nick, I am trying to change the colour of the tabs in CSS. I have managed it in Firefox using: .ba-tabber .nav > li > a {background-color:#cccccc!important; background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(center top, #eeeeee, #cccccc)} But I can't find the CSS for other browsers despite using developer tools in both Safari and Chrome... Would you be able to let me know what they are (and IE too?) Thanks, Glyn
  9. Tabber

    Hi Nick, I have just bought your 'Tabber' and it is wonderful, and works perfectly! I can't find the included .xml file that you mention though... any clues?? Also, I want the pages that form the content for each tabs to also have tabs on. I've tried it but it doesn't work, am I doing something wrong or is it not possible?? Many thanks, Glyn
  10. Hello! I just bought TABBER and TWINSHOT, my goal is to build a membership area for a video-course. This is the site http://member.entschluesselt.com/member-area (work in progress...) But for now, I have 2 *unresolvable* problems: 1) the (test-)videos do not load correctly (tried with chrome, firefox, safari. somtimes ist works but mostly not) (to test I made 3 different Twinshot gallerys on the first 3 Tabs: member area/ Start / Modul 1) 2) even though I put a DIFFERENT Twinshot gallery on every Tab (at least on the first 3 tabs to test....) when I swich between the Tabs the Twinshot gallery stays just the same! (instead I sould see a different TwinShot gallery on each Tab) On the pagelines support a guy looked into the site, and said there might be a js problem, and that I should ask here... I dont have any other plugins installed (its a subdomain of a multisite installation). Can it be that there is a conflict between tabber and twinshot? It would be GREAT if you could find out! If there is a solution, Tabber + TwinShot would make an AWESOME member area !!!!!!!! Hoping for your response greetings from Italy Julius
  11. I'm building out the pages and tabs. Here is where it is so far: http://convergentsg.com/?page_id=74 1) Is there a way to get the tabs left justified on the page rather than sitting mid-way under the main navbar? I selected "left" which has resulted in a vertical menu, but it just doesn't sit to the left of the page. 2) On my second tab, I have a numbered list in the text. On the page holding that content, those numbers are indented, but when Tabber displays them, they are actually pushed left which looks bad. Is there something I can do to fix that? 3) The color and bold font don't work well with the design I'm building. Is there a way to make it appear more subtle? Here's an example of what I'm trying to do. http://www.aspectmarketintelligence.com/services/ Thanks!
  12. Bought Tabber, now what?

    I downloaded a folder full of files - how do I get it into my site admin so I can start working with it? Thanks
  13. Hi, coming from the Rapidweaver world, new to Pagelines (starting to get used to it, it's great!) so please be patient if I have stupid questions... I just bought the Decker, Tabber and Flip side and starting to learn how to setup, very cool. No problem to install or use them but I have some qustions: Tabber: (How) can I change color? I found references in the compiled css but is there an easier way I did not see? How can I align left the tabber section (I guess they are centered by default) (I join a screenshot of a quick test) Decker and Flip side: Is there a way to controle the proportions (height)? I see I can modify the width but the height stays the same - but if I want to change the proportions...? Thanks a lot in advance, Christina