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  1. In both my own, and client websites I build using Pagelines Dev. 2.0 with most recents upgrades to 2.4+, background images are not responding to pagelines settings saved in the Color Control settings area of the theme. Supersize does not work at all. I've already tried disabling plugins. Does not solve... In the site URL below there are no plugins installed, yet the problem exists. I've already tried altering Layout settings. None of the layout settings combinations resolve the issue. Layout is set to fixed width. I've been building a new client demo site, and have nothing installed except your theme with most recent upgrade, and the background settings are not working properly. I have not installed any plugins, only base PL 2.0 Dev sections and a child theme, Transparency. If it helps, your settings for background images used to work during versions 2.3 but stopped working with 2.4 upgrades. Thanks in advance for your help! http://lotusclient.com/