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  1. Hi, I seem to be billed $99 every year via paypal for the DMS framework standard package. I have made 2 annual payments for 2 years now. Can someone please tell me what will happen to my site if I don't may this annually. I am happy to switch to the free version, will this throw the formatting on my website? What are the consequences?
  2. Activate Pro on my account

    Hello, I can't activate my Pro account on http://calcipatrimoine.theproofingcompany.fr (miror site of http://calci-patrimoine.com) When I click on "Activate Pro" button of the Account section, nothing works. Also, do I need to activate DMS with a DMS key in the Pagelines Updater ? Regards, Anthony
  3. Account suddenly on hold

    All of a sudden, my account is on hold, and my order from jul 2016 says that it's failed. What's the best way to contact the pagelines account folks?
  4. How can I get a subscription widget or plugin working on my blog page? I don't want to disrupt the post pages themselves but only the page I set to list my blog entries? I can't seem to use a conventional widget since it won't let me add a sidebar or alternative formatting to the main blog page. Please help. Thank you.