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  1. No style sheets

    After install, no stylesheet is declared in code. The pages load without any css. Somebody help me please
  2. Hey all, I'm having a problem and it's pretty strange. I built a site on my host, http://cc.websiteenvy.com - Everything works great there. I am using the base child theme there and both it and the framework work perfectly. When I transfered the site to someone else's domain and host, the pagelines stylesheets are not seen at all by any browser. http://chandlerchiropractic.com/ (Sorry, it is in maintenance mode) But I have attached a screenshot. The first thing I did was deactivate the child theme, and still, the pageline's style is not registering. I've disabled all plugins and tried deleting the framework via ftp and then installing a newly downloaded version with no luck. When I activate the default theme, twenty eleven, it's stylesheet works fine. I am pulling my hair out on this one. While I'm sure it technically has nothing to do with pagelines, is there anyone who's had this problem who may know what the deal is and how to fix it? Something on the host's end perhaps? Thanks in advance...
  3. Hello, I wonder if you could please offer some advice? I am trying to load Pagelines Framework V2.3.5 on a new site http://kurtzfamilyvineyards.com.au/new/ but I don't seem to be able to get any effect from the CSS stylesheet. I have tried loading through WordPress upload, and via FTP but still get the same result. I have tried loading PlatformPro on this site and it works fine. I have also tried loading Pagelines Framework on other sites with no problems. I am starting to suspect this may have something to do with my host on this particular site. I'm not sure whether this has something to do with how they have their permission settings (writing permissions?) set up. I have tried changing some but nothing seems to work but there are so many options I'm not really sure where to start or even if this is the problem. Could you please take a look and let me know if you can determine the problem please and if so, could you please offer some suggestions of how I might fix it? I am a beginner, so could you please keep the answer simple and easy to follow?! Any help would be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Caroline.