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  1. Hi there! Is there any video tutorials on how to style/design a pagelines site?
  2. scroll spy customisation

    Hi. I try to style the scroll spy section with a different hover color and a transparent bg. The css does not work at all....i am using firebug, but if i copy the code in the pagelines customisation plugin it does not works at all.... This is the css code: (from Firebug and modified... http://paste.pagelines.com/151 The hover state remains always in grey....any help? THX Corina http://wp.tanzprojekte.ch/wordpress/kurs-info/
  3. How can I do different header style

    Hi there, I want to set up headers only for HomePage Widget - <h3 class="widget-title"></h3> PageTitle - <h1 class="entry-title pagetitle"></h1> I need to remove from other pages. Usual I just create a new php template and do a little bit php coding, but here I can't find template php.. Help!
  4. This seems to happen in Internet Explorer + Firefox. You can see the site here: Can anyone give me some pointers to fix it? I'm probably overlooking something stupid! Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm hoping I can get some pointers regarding how to create a style something like this: http://themeforest.net/item/soundboard-a-premium-music-wordpress-theme-/full_screen_preview/2558532 (screenshot below) ie. to be able to set transparency on the various content areas, whilst allowing the background image to be fully visible in the "spacing" areas. A similar example in the Pagelines showcase is: http://www.pagelines.com/exhibit/digital-heavens/ Do I apply styles to all the different areas eg. widget-pad, mcolumn-pad, content-pad or is there a different way of accomplishing this? Thanks
  6. I've recently upgraded to pagelines and now the RSS feed page is displaying "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." Is there a setting somewhere to correct this to be properly formated and also display the thumbnail ? http://wigmag.com/feed/
  7. Styling Of Menu

    Hi I am new to pagelines framework (2.3.8) and I have a very hard time to style te main menu as I want. The site is: http://psykologmariavinding.dk/ The menu bar is looking like the standard pagelines menu bar, but I want it to look a more scandinavian/sober way like in the following site, which I am pretty sure is using Pagelines (as the designer is always using pagelines). http://www.sarahkoelpin.com/ Basically I want to be able to control the... 1. Bacground color of the whole line 2. Background color 3. Background color of the active menu item 4. Background color of the hover menu item 5. Font color 6. Font color of the active menu item 7. Font color of the hover menu item 8. I want to suppress round corners. and the same with submenus. But whatever I have tried to taget to (with help of Chrome elements), It didn't work properly. :-( I would be great to have that on a doc, as it is quite basic. Help will very much be appreciated. Regards Emmanuel
  8. After upgrading to 2.3, shortcode styling seems to have disappeared for some buttons in a Feature Section I have. Here's the shortcode I'm using for one button: [pl_button type="warning" size="large" link="http://truelocalonlinemarketing/contact.com" target="blank"]Get in Touch[/pl_button] Basically, the button colour - and other styling - has disappeared.