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  1. hi folks, A) I wan't to add some custom css to my site. I would use wp menu -> appearence -> editor -> style.css and add the css code. However, this document says: You’re unable to customize the Framework further by editing core files such as style.css, as this would require editing the core files (something we do not recommend or support), any edits made to these files will be removed upon updating PageLines Framework, when an update is available. In my view there are 4 methods: 1: Wordpress editor 2: Framework-> menu -> custom code area 3: Install Customize plugin 4: Use a Child theme So, what is the best method? and why can't I use the wp editor to edit the style.css when I allready did activate the pagelines customization plugin so nothing will ever be lost? B ) I don't understand why this document says that the customize plugin doesn't support CSS / LESS Editor while the plugin is allways and only used in combination withe the pagelines framework that does support the CSS / LESS Editor..
  2. My clients website does not display the pagelines-customize/style.css just on some computers running ie8. I have tested it on many different systems and in ie8 and ie9 and it works great, but on my clients computer none of the CSS for the menu is displayed, and it is showing also a hidden menu (for mobile). A screen shot of what my client sees is here... http://bigwhiteaccommodations.com/PAUL-ie8.jpg Website here.. http://bigwhiteaccommodations.com Hmm seems to be a problem with your image uploader, i have reduce my file size to 1.3 k and I still get this message ... PAUL-ie8.jpg Upload Skipped (This file was too big to upload)