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  1. Hi there   I have just changed to the new DMS system and have the Pro Developer subscription.   I previously had the Pro Developer version and had purchased loads of sections/plugins and store items   Do I have to buy them all again? for example I had bought Navable and Flip Slide? but they are now not available in new DMS unless I buy them? or is this a glitch and they should show?   There are loads more I had but now do not?   Many thanks   Paul
  2. I've bought several of the new sections - navable being one of them. Yet every time I try to use it, it requires that I purchase it. It's not showing up in my account. I would really, really like to use the sections.   Also, will any of the Framework sections be available, or do I have to repurchase all of them?
  3. From time using PageLines framework and everything ok. A few days ago but when I enter the store I see nothing but the word " unable to fleetch from api ". Why? Greetings Adriano I have enabled pagelines debug
  4. Hi,   I know you guys are working on servers etc to prepare the new product end of july.   But i ran into a serious problem.   The thing is i want to enter the store from the pagelines dashboard. Due to speed up i disabled a few core sections i didn't need in the past.   Now i want to re-activate boxes to work with the new section i just bought in the store. Buying is not a problem because i can enter the store from outside.   How do I activate boxes from the core sections?   Thanks
  5. Hi, I have spent a few days swapping emails with Danny & Catrina via the Help email line and Danny suggested I now post onto the forum. I have been unable to login to my account or access the Store page from the WP-Pagelines Menu. Please refer to the following link for details. Thanks and regards, Richard. http://screencast.com/t/p66To6u2y
  6. 1) I have these 2 plugins network activated: http://screencast.com/t/x8ZlQoPgjQ Yet they show up in the PageLines Store area as not activated: http://screencast.com/t/3dloFqOcBrl Please add detecting network activated. 2) Using this plugin ( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/multisite-plugin-manager/ ), I disallowed the Snowfall plugin ( http://screencast.com/t/uK8JOk4c ) and it still shows up in the PageLines store area. Please add compatibility with that plugin, or at least consider it, since I haven't investigated the code, but it works outside of the PageLines Store. Thank you.
  7. What is the best way with pagelines to build in a schedule of speaking events I will be at? Is there a good plugin or store item that already customizes this?
  8. I just purchased the Wicker slider via the store within Framework. I received email confirmation that my purchase was successful. However, these are not showing up as available. In Pagelines, I choose "Store" and then "Sections" and then look at the tab "Your Added Sections". I even "Refresh Store" but it's not there. How can I see this section added?
  9. Hi, We are unable to connect to the PL store through the PL dashboard. We are running our own servers in-house, have a large WP multisite install, and were running PlatformPro prior to jumping all over Framework when it was rolled out. We kind of (usually) know what we're doing. Manual install of sections and plugins that we've purchase works great. We ftp in with winscp, and all is well. Yes, the sections plugin is installed. We have purchased plugins and sections through the website launchpad, manually installed, happy happy. Now we have upgraded to a Plus account and we want those freebies! Snowfall, and Salebar (we SO want to replace HelloBar with that)....but these are only available through the Dashboard --> Store and can not be manually installed. Which would be fine, except we can't get connected to the store. Here is what happens. (Yes, we are connected to our Pagelines account credentials through Dashboard --> Your Account.) 1) We browse to Snowfall in the plugins section of the Dashboard --> Store 2) Click "Free Pagelines Plus" button 3) Connection Information box pops up. We enter our FTP info. 4) We click "Proceed" 5) Connection box closes, page refreshes, no error but nothing at all has happened. No install, nothing. We've been round and round with Robert and Catrina, and Jenny on chat (and they were lovely and tried to help). We re-installed Framework manually. We made our file (wp-content and pagelines-sections) owners match. We tested a variety of ports and configurations. Still can't connect to the store through the Dashboard. Help? Please? I Jennifer
  10. Greetings, I just wanted to take a moment to briefly explain the present process for support of third-party products sold via our PageLines Store. Developers are responsible to provide support directly for their products. Forum moderators for PageLines do not have access to these products or any knowledge of their workings. Thus they are unable to support these products directly. But that doesn't mean you're without support. If you go to the product's page in The Store, you will see a comments system from LiveFyre. You can post Pre-Sales questions there. For actual 3rd party support we have a dedicated forum area now, just click new post and select your product from the dropdown provided. Link: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/forum/68-store-products/ Please do not use the review system to request support as this is not the purpose of reviews. Developers are required to reply to the comments system, but are not required to reply by email (the contact button). We appreciate your kind cooperation in using the product commenting system to obtain support for our third-party products.
  11. Kenburn Slider

    After purchasing PageLines, I decided that the Kenburn Slider by Enrique Chavez would look great on my homepage. Almost immediately I noticed problems and having reviewed the details for the plugin, I feel mislead. From the comments on his own site I can see I'm not the only one, but he's not replying the emails or answering queries on the site. This plugin was purchased through the PageLines store and so having had no response from the author, I'm now hoping to resolve the issue via PageLines staff. The plugin states that it is fully resizeable and support iPhone/iPad swipe. Both of these are technically true, however they don't give the fully story. Pagelines is responsive and looks great on my iPhone, however the Kenburn Slider isn't responsive. It only works on my iPhone if I set the size to look good on my iPhone, which obviously then looks terrible when viewed through a regular browser. Unless the plugin is updated I can't see a way I can use it on my site. Approximately 6 weeks ago the author said he was due to release an update to make the slider responsive in about 2 weeks time, however nothing has come of it and he hasn't replied to the latest queries on his site. Can I request a refund via PageLines? Thanks Andy
  12. In 2.3 Pro edition, the Store displays the warning message: 'You need to install and activate Pagelines Section Plug-In'. I click the 'Install it Now' button and the dark 'installation....' status appears. 10 minutes later...... nothing. tried this multiple times.... installation never completes. Ideas?
  13. I have purcahsed 1 section and one plugin and neither are showing up in my store.
  14. I was wandering what triggers updates in the store (as well in the WP install). I upgraded Jigoshop on my local server, and the site went crazy. So I went back to previous version. Then I went in to the store and found an update for Jigo integration. Went back and upgraded jigo to 1.4 and it worked. Fine! Then I went to my live site and there is no update available for jigo integration in the store. Is this a random thing. I tried to refresh and empty cashe and so on. But nothing hapens. So now I cant update the live site. I am just curious. Thanks Peter