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  1. Sticky Footer

    How do I create a sticky footer? My 404 page, and any other page that does not have content that spans the height of the page, footer is in the middle of the page, and since my footers background color is different from the body background color, it looks like my site has a bandanna. Any suggestions??
  2. Sticky Menu

    Hello all, This could be a stretch, but i want to make my menu act like it does here: paychex.com. It sticks to the top of the browser when you scroll down. I want to add that functionality to my UberMenu here: test.discoveryoutsourcing.com I found this code: $isSticky=false;if($(this).scrollTop()>82){$("#wrapper>nav").not("[class='other']").addClass("stick");$isSticky=true}$(window).scroll(function(){if($(this).scrollTop()>82){if(!$isSticky){$("#wrapper>nav").not("[class='other']").addClass("stick");$isSticky=true}}else{$("#wrapper>nav").not("[class='other']").removeClass("stick");$isSticky=false}}); Could I use this if I correctly replace the id/class? If this won't work, does anyone else have a possible solution? Thanks, Tim