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  1. Website URL: (local, not available) Framework Version: 2.4.1 WordPress Version: 3.5.2 Plugins in Use: My own custom ones that just create a custom post type Server/Host: Apache 2.2 Screenshots: Video Landing Page: http://glui.me/?i=52xhbdfortrxqr8/2013-04-11_at_8.13.53_AM.png/ Gallery Landing Page: http://glui.me/?i=9bkiomi3towoxu3/2013-04-11_at_8.20.46_AM.png/ Details: I override the main query at 'wp' action to pull the CPT Landing Page for the originally queried post type. I set the global $post and do setup_postdata() with it. The page template seems to respect the various sections I have assigned to the CPT, but (besides the "features" section) not the *settings* for the respective section. For example, the masthead section's oset property is: Array ( [post_id] => (no post ID) [clone_id] => 1 [group] => masthead ) Any ideas?
  2. Hi to all of you, my name is Niki, and I just started using pagelines, I am still working on the aspect of my website (www.dentalcoaching.it) and I have got some problems, I had a secondary navigation menĂ¹ in the footer, with different pages (disclaimer, leagal notes and staff like this), I have done in WP settings two different menus (top_bar and low_bar) and it it was working, I do not know what I have done, but it disappeared, after many days I managed to add it again using a "secondary Nav Menu" in the footer pages, but it is not centered (before it was). My problem is... in the special pages (I want it in all pages) from where do I set the position (I want it centered) of the secondary nav Menu in the footer??
  3. Hi, I'm a beginner user and have checked through the documentation but can't see how to add a link in the top navigation of my site to a special page - the blog. See http://emilyredward.com/ I can't find the url or reference to the special page to link to when creating the menu. Help would be very much appreciated!