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  1. Columns

    Is thee a way to set columns using some sort of plug in or must I use span (etc) in Pageslines? I am trying to create a page of text in two columns: I cannot find a simpler way to do this: Suggestions? www.newsite.thetradinglab.com
  2. need to set padding for <p> content in box - woildl ike to use css I can change the color - the font size ( em) and much more but when I go to add some left padding so that my font wont bump up to the left edge... it bumps over all the boxes in the row seems that it is sizing the indiivusla box ( in this case: 6 2span boxes under 3 4 span boxes nested in a 12 span box. Any help or experiecne would be super! thanks using .span2.am {} for those boxes