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  1. Hi Guys, This is bound to be so easy it's unbelievable, but it's got me stumped! I'm working on a layout for a client and I've got a three column layout: Main content | Sidebar 1 | Sidebar 2 What I need to do is add a little space (10px or so) between the two sidebars, but I just can't seem to find the way to do it. I've tried padding and margin on the sidebar div Id's. They have an effect, but not the right one. You can see the layout I have so far here: http://www.justinphnoble.com/nautech/ I need space between those two blue panels in the centre block. Please could someone point me in the right direction? Any help would be very gratefully appreciated. Many thanks Justin.
  2. Lessening the space between images

    Hi there, I am wondering what CSS code I could use to lessen the space between pictures in my posts? For example, I will post one picture, have a 'return' between the next one, but I want to decrease this 'return' space. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, this forum rocks! Thanks again!! Vanessa ps, my site is wearflatstodinner.com
  3. On my website there's space below the footer area. Here's what I know about the space: 1) it is 20px high 2) it appears on every page, regardless of page template, content height, or enabled features 3) it displays the page background color, but does not display the repeating background image 4) if the PageLines Leaf icon (#cred) is displayed (which I have turned off), it enlarges this area, and the leaf appears centered within. What I would like to do is eliminate this space, so that my footer (and beside the footer, my background image) form the lowest edge of the page. A picture of this nefarious space is included for reference:
  4. Hello, As my topic title states, I am seeing an unusually large amount of white space between the page content and the boxes I have set to display. I have just upgraded to 2.4.1, but have never built a page until after updating, as I have only recently purchased Framework. The page for example, (as this is happening to any page built with template 1): http://www.theviewingscreen.com/?page_id=3904 I have crawled the forums trying many different options presented that seemed similar to mine, such as adding: #site #page, #site #dynamic-content { min-height: 240px; } to my Custom CSS, and it has not worked. I do believe it does have something to do with #dynamic-content, because when I look at the CSS in the console, it highlights the page content area, including all the white space, and says it is 960x608. Also, I notice that my boxes, while set to display from the page, (and not the template), show as though they are part of the 'more foot area'. Perhaps all of this is how it is supposed to be, I'm really not sure. At any rate, any help to take out that white space would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lorrell.
  5. Hello, I cannot figure out how to remove the space between the content box and the quickslider. I do not know code which is why I purchased Pagelines Framework and added the Plus. I have installed Firebug but do not understand how to change/create/modify code/css/html/less - in other words - I do not understand enough to fix it myself. Can someone please just give me step by step instructions on how to get rid of the space? I would like the same space between between the content box and the quickslider which I have between the classic nav and content box. The test site is here: http://test.woffard.com/ Thank you for your time....
  6. Hi, I would like to add space above my footer. Give it room away from the box section. Do i need to write it in the html or change the css and if so what do I need to write. thanks Luke tipas.com.au
  7. Hi everybody, I just pulled a content box into the header area of my site in attempt of showing a banner there. So now the content below the site is seperated by a big amount of wasted space. How can I reduce the space between the content box and the graphic below? Is there any CSS? I made an experimental site at: ads.4v-media.de Oh and donĀ“t bother the strange colors please Thanks, Igor
  8. hey guys, how can i decrease the huge space between blog posts in magazine layout mode ? tried using firebug on this one - but didn't help link: http://www.agenturfactory.de/FACTORY_2012/ thanks for your feedback!
  9. Hi there, No matter what I use (only Branding, or BrandNav, or only Classic Nav) there's an awkward space between the header and the quickslider below it on the main page. It exists on the other pages as well but it's less noticeable since there's a PageInfo to break the seam. My logo is a transparent .png, and does not have extraneous pixel space surrounding the image. I've looked up and tried to fix this based on similar issues in the forums, but to no avail. Here is all the custom CSS i've entered hoping to fix the various configurations: #branding {.mainlogo-link, .mainlogo-img{margin:0 auto;float:none;}} /* Centered Navigation */#page { #navbar, #nav{ .navline, .main-nav{ float:none; text-align: center; li { display:inline-block; float:none; text-align:center; a { float:none; text-align:center; } } } .dropdown-menu { text-align:left; } }}/* Centered Navigation Media Query*/@media(max-width:767px){body.pagelines { #page { #navbar { .navline { float:none; text-align:center; li,a { display: block; float: none; text-align: center; } } } } } } span.c_img:hover {.transform(-5deg);.transition(all 0.2s);} ul.menu-always-on-top li ul li a {padding: 10px 0 0 0px; text-align: center;} /* CSS FOR NAV BACKGROUND COLOR */ #primary-nav .content { background-color: #000000; } /* THIS WILL CHANGE THE FONT COLOR IN THE NAV */ .main_nav li a { color: #000000 !important; } /* Centered Navigation Media Query*/@media(max-width:767px){body.pagelines { #page { #brandnav { .brandnav-nav { float:none; text-align:center; li,a { display: block; float: none; text-align: center; } } } } } } Sorry about it being a lot. Secondly: BrandNav, when viewed on my iPad, split up. The logo was staggered above the nav bar, which was shuttled all the way to the right. I'd like a way to fix this too, if possible. Thirdly: I essentially want my home page to look like this: http://www.bikramyogasouthpas.com/ (was a site I found from these forums) Thanks very much. Enjoying the framework and recommending to the people I know who are interested, affiliate free.
  10. Space between widgets and menu bar

    On all but my front page, I have a second menu bar. How do I get rid of all the extra space around it? It's to far away from everything else. I'm using a widget to hold this menu in my Universal Sidebar. The website is workingbug.com