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  1. Hey guys. I am having problems updating the social icon links in this website: www.essbrasil.com.br For some reason, even though I have pointed both links to http://www.essbrasil.com.br using the "header and footer" site options, they are linking to whatever page is currently open. So if I click on any icon in the homepage, they will link to the homepage, and if I click on any icon in the "contato" page, they link to the "contato" page. Any ideas on how I could fix this? I am using latest versions on both Framework and Wordpress.
  2. Hi there. Under the Site Option for 'Header & Footer', I have checked on for the facebook social icon and added its profile URL, but do not see it on the website. Per the advise from Catrina, I have activated BrandNav section in Drag & Drop > Header template area in order for icons to show. When I activated the BrandNav, it shows the icons, but with the site logo again, therefore two same site logo appears. So I have deactivated the BranNav for now. The site address is www.nyfacs.net. Please, advise. Thanks. Sung Jin
  3. Hey everyone. I would like to know if there is a way - not as complicated like coding - for adding GOOGLE PLUS social icon on the header next to facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin and rss icons. I have the last edition of PlatformPro. I tried it looking for the image of "linkedin" (that I don't use) on the theme archives to change it for a google plus icon but I only found social icon for sharing images. When I bought it I did it because pagelines team promise to be updating and sharing with the customers that through all the discussion on the forums did the feedback for what now is called "pagelines" a new more expensive framework and PlatformPro users have to pay for it, just because the name changed. Now PlatformPro doesn't have important updatings like Google Plus icon. That's Sad, not for the customer but for the trust every person put on the creators at the beginning of the project. If you are creating a new framework please be sure the "old" one to be updated at least on basic stuff like new international social networks, I understand you need to produce money but keep the honor and human behavior, that one you started with. Thank you for your help and I am sorry for complaining.
  4. Thanks for the previous help on getting a new image/icon into the branding section for Sina Weibo follow. I have now enabled 'ShareThis' plugin which seems great and has the 'share' button for Sina Weibo. Problem is that the buttons/icons load in my boxes which not only makes the page look cluttered but also makes the loading time for the page very slow. Does anyone know of a way I can get the icons to only load at the bottom of the page and not in the boxes ? Tried all the forum topics but no-one seems to have asked this problem - or is this something I should be asking ShareThis ? Thanks.