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  1. I have the Quickslider function on my homepage running a series of slides. It has worked great until just recently. The slides have started over-rotating pulling in the next slide just slightly on most of the slides. I have no idea what caused this or how to fix it. Any help would be great. -James www.ugmspokane.org
  2. I love the options in your framework - great variety - great tools. I have one suggestion that would really take it through the roof. Please adjust one of your slideshows (quickslider, features etc.) to play videos and responsively stop when the video is played. Right now, quickslider stops with interaction but won't play videos; and features plays videos but won't stop with interaction. I would really love this feature. Pretty please, -James
  3. Our features throughout our site are displaying vertically down the pages. We purged our cache and disabled all of our plugins, but this did not fix it. We deleted our custom CSS code and this did not fix it, either. Any ideas of this issue?