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  1. hi there, i am trying to use a different then the page line-feature-slider. some with layers like royal slider or revolution slider. both dont work with pagelines. with firebug i get the following error concerning script.bootstrap.min.js, that comes with pagelines-theme. TypeError: a("body").on is not a function can you help me with it? frank
  2. Hi, Over the past week I have been working on redesigning my website, www.creativefuturemag.com, and yesterday I finally launched it. However, I ran into one small problem when I launched the website and visited it on different computers. The slider I am using (RoyalSlider) won't adjust according to the size of the browser. Right now its sized so it fits the size of my browser perfectly, however, I want it to be compatible with all browsers in all sizes. Right now I have only been able to achieve some of it using the following CSS coding in the custom coding section of Platform Pro: .royalSlider { ; margin-top: -160px; } Does anyone know how I can make the RoyalSlider adjust according to the size of the browser/window and still remain fullwidth? Thanks and have a great day! - Christian
  3. I'm trying to use the full width rev slider and noticed that when you activate the slide URL, a "read more" link appears in that specific slide. Is there a way to just make the whole slide a link? Thanks.
  4. Rev Slider

    New to Pagelines and signed up for the DMS Developer package.    Loving it so far but wondering if anyone knows the correct size that should be used for images for the Rev Slider?   I resize so they fit under the 0.5 mb size restriction but most images look distorted a bit or not as "crisp" as the sample images used in the demo.   I have tried playing with all type of sizes and have used high definition images but the images still look a little "off" (if that makes sense).   Thanks for any help!   James
  5. So im using a third party slider (Revolution Slider) I cant seem to figure out how to get the drop down men to go over top if it.  I bought and tried Menu over top with no success.  This is the test site im working with.  Any suggestions?  Thanks   http://radpreview.com/ADG/    
  6. Hi, I just purchased the Wicker Slider along with the Pagelines Framework and was wondering if it was possible to move the Wicker Section up underneath the navigation, universal sidebar and branding/logo? I have tried using a negative margin-top CSS code on the slider, but it won't work. Here's a screenshot of what my site currently looks like: http://creativefuturemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Screen-Shot-2013-06-28-at-10.36.13-PM-984x524.png   I want the entire header section (universal sidebar, navigation and branding) to go on top of the slider. I think it would work if the entire header section turned transparent, I just don't know how.   Can you help me?   Thanks a lot :-)
  7. Website: www.websitekings.co.uk   We use slider revolution for our banner, however it does not show in the content box. We have used this many times on many sites so we are stumped. Another odd thing is that if we add the slider to the main content, it then does appear on the content box area. So something is preventing this from showing.   It is very odd, and I cant find out why, considering I have done this before on several sites, and the content box should show this content. There is no error message, and it does show in the content box when I duplicate the slider in the main content area.
  8. Hi all, using Pagelines Framework 2.4.3. At some point, I noticed that the features slider seen on the home page at http://www.newwebsiteforme.com is no longer auto transitioning on IOS. I'm not sure about Android. The slider is working in browsers, just not mobile. It worked on Mobile several days back. I recently added: catloop, sections plugin, child theme because the catloop author said I should. I tried removing the plugins and going back to the pagelines framework with no child. No luck there. any ideas? Thanks!
  9. Hi everybody and thanks for your kind support. Objective: since 2011 I've been trying to add a good javascript slider to my site frontpage. I've tested many free plugin and searched for solid pro solutions too. But I couldn't get thorugh that. I have seen pagelines storage pro slide too, but that it's not ok for me. Actually I've come back to the issue and trying Content slide plugin. Problem: I just have no idea where to drop the generated php code. Generally, in a simple template, the right place should be page.php... Have you an y idea about that? Thanks a lot --------- Website URL: http://.www.velediluce.com Framework Version: 2.4.2 WordPress Version: 3.5.1 Plugins in Use: akismet, All in one Seo, Cardy redirect, Contact form 7, Feed burner smith, Google analytics, google xml sitemap, Most popula post, nofollow free, sharebar, subscribe to comment, Tiny MCE, wp ban, wp DB-manager, no category base, wp smush it, wp super cache,
  10. I would like to add some CSS to round the corners of the images in my Featured Sliders. Just wondering if that is possible as the images are scrolling. Silly question maybe. I have done it on another site by applying this CSS: border-bottom-left-radius: 3px; border-bottom-right-radius: 3px; border-top-left-radius: 3px; border-top-right-radius: 3px; box-shadow: 0 0 2px #000000; It works fine on static images. I'd hate to have to do this in Photoshop. Beta website here: http://goo.gl/eSjqF Thanks for any and all suggestions / help!
  11. Hello, I'm trying to find the best way to place a feature slider next to a universal sidebar. I've made the slider 70% width and the sidebar would fit but I don't know how to put it next to each other. Aniy help would be appreciated! richmondgyn.com Best, Kelli
  12. Hi, I've got a static image placed next to a small JW Rotator slider (from Next Gen Gallery). This forms a block of images directly below the main navbar and is sitewide. When loaded in iOS (and I'm guessing any small screen) the JW Rotator drops down to the next block, and the image stays up top where it should be. Is it possible to write CSS that will keep the image and the JW Rotator together, and shrink them down responsively as needed on small screens? This can be viewed at seasonshospice.org Here's the CSS I'm using right now: /* below main nav image */ .wp-image-103 { position: relative !important; left: 5% !important; } /* Positions JW Rotator Flash Slider (is a conflict with NGG slider on video page)*/ #page .slideshow { margin-left: 41.2% !important; margin-right: auto; margin-top: -10.4% !important; outline: medium none; } Thanks for any help you may be able to offer! Best, Bruce
  13. Slider Text

    I have started a slider sequence. It is coming along. Have decided NOT to use slider text however in the working model I did put text in there. I have have tried everything to make it go away. If I change the text in the slider boxes it will change on screen. If I delete it: It reverts back to text I put in several days ago and NOTHING I do makes it go away. I have deleted the page: I have started from scratch twice. It's pulling this from somewhere. In my fields for Slider there is nothing in the text box. Nothing zip. I have removed all items, put otherone's in. Doesn't matter text still there. Can't begin to tell you how long/frustrating this has become! How to I get rid of Text in Slider!? Help? http://newsite.thetradinglab.com
  14. Slider Fixed Height

    My slider is adjusting screen to 'fit' photos. I have tried everything I can to not let it do that. I have adjusted and made all photos exactly the same size, however when Slider brings up an image it still increases (top bottom) or decreases (top bottom). It does not see to do this left right as I have set that in pxl width Does anyone know how to fix the height of Slider or Images in so that there is a smooth(er) shift from one image to next without increasing or decreasing the actual size/page to adjust. http://newsite.thetradinglab.com
  15. Slider Fixed Height

    My slider is adjusting screen to 'fit' photos. I have tried everything I can to not let it do that. I have adjusted and made all photos exactly the same size, however when Slider brings up an image it still increases (top bottom) or decreases (top bottom). It does not see to do this left right as I have set that in pxl width Does anyone know how to fix the height of Slider or Images in so that there is a smooth(er) shift from one image to next without increasing or decreasing the actual size/page to adjust. http://newsite.thetradinglab.com
  16. Hi there. i'm new at pagelines framework. my old theme has a slider too. But it works totally different. I need a slider but it must pulls images from last entries. Is there a slider option at framework? Or can i find a slider working like that. My website with pagelines framework and iblogpro5 theme is www.elmadergisi.com my old theme and the slider i want is at this address http://demo.woothemes.com/freshnews/ Can you help me? Thank you...
  17. Feature Slider Broken... Sometimes

    About every other time I load pages on my sight that have a feature slider, the slider appears to break, with part of it showing up in the footer of the website. Sometimes this only happens for a few seconds, and then the photos appear to snap into place, other times the photos stay in the wrong place, other times it doesn't happen at all. You can see it here: http://www.skypeenglishclasses.com/pt-br/ Any ideas?
  18. Hello. I'm working on my first PageLines powewred WP site and could use a bit of help please. I need to get the main navigation bar to "go under" the Quick Slider (or the Featured Slider). I've tried a few different CSS codes, but the menu is still not sitting under the slider properly. You can checkout the current progress of the site here: Thanks, SigmaWeb!
  19. Whilst PL responsive video shortcode works fine in either features (added in "Feature Media Feature HTML") or posts for the Vimeo type, the Youtube type shortcode (e.g. [pl_video type="youtube" id="hJaNH56Vpg-A"]) displays an empty Youtube viewer (i.e. no video available) in my slider. Do I miss something here or is it a bug ?
  20. Grey Border Around Slider

    On this site (http://mysteriouske.com) the slider on the home page has an unintentional and unwanted gray border around it. How do I get rid of that?
  21. Hi, been working with the wicker slider plugin - really like it as its built into the heart of pagelines, few things i would to do with it on my website are, have the image link to a page of the website, time the slider (i.e. make it move to the next one after 5 secs and so on), and maybe have some more control of the image scaling . Any one got any ideas how to get some of this working? Cant share the install just now as its installed on a local wordpress install. thanks, Jeremy
  22. I'm having trouble getting rid of a black line which appears at the top of the feature slider on my homepage: www.irishlitsoc.org - any ideas why this appears? The line appears in Chrome but not in Firefox
  23. I am having a problem with a custom slider i am trying to add into a page on pagelines. When ever i add all the code into the page, it does not display it. Here is a link to the page http://net-heads.co.uk/demo4/127-2/ I am using the Code from the liteAccordion Plugin here: https://github.com/nikki/liteAccordion The main page for the plugin is http://nicolahibbert.com/demo/liteAccordion/ I have got it working locally in just a HTML Document, But whenever i place it in the site. It never seems to work, Can anyone provide any assistance? Is it a conflict with the Jquery in Pagelines or WordPress, and if so how can i work around it?
  24. We have a site here: fredortho.com Everything was working fine with the feature slider/rotator until I activated the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. Immediately after that the slider stopped working and no longer transitions. No other changes were made. We're using the slider to pull in posts from the "General" category. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  25. Im a newbie and fairly new to using Pagelines frameworks for my new site, but there are a few customizations I'm currently having difficulties with, any suggestions or info related source would be greatly appreciated. 01. Is there a way to create a default size for all blog post thumbnail images? 02. How do I remove the frame from the thumbnail images on blog post? 03. Is there a way to remove post author name and post date from blog post temporary? 04. How do I set the bottom page navi to display previous or next page (instead of page numbers)? 05. Is there an option to decrease the "post title" text size on the blog? 06. (Sidebar) How do I change the text format from all caps to normal text and decrease the space between Widget's title and content. 07. Is there a default setting to make feature slider show full background image and no text information (or do i have to manually set this option with every post) ? Thanks in advance. here is a link to the site http://wpdesigntsk.thestreetkite.com/