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  1. I am not a pro-user by any means. I am more intermediate. If I am given detailed instructions I can usually figure something out. That said, on November 6th my hosting company, dotster.com, switched over to some new fancy system on their end. Since then Google has not been able to access the robot.txt file that wordpress automatically sets up for you. Since they can no longer reach that file my site can not be crawled and sitemaps can not be submitted. I have practically disappeared from search results for all my keywords. Google says that it could be a problem with my hosting company. So I called them and they said that since they made the switch to the new system on november 6th my site has been submitting to many php's or scripts or something. This is where things start feeling a bit over my head. They said that my mysql is getting jammed because my site is going over the limit and is shutting down access to google for some reason. I can reach my robot.txt file if i type it in but google cannot for some reason. They said that it may be my theme that I am using. Has anyone had this problem before? Is there anyway I can figure out what scripts or php file is sending too much information to my host? I recently installed W3 Total Cache plugin to my site because that was recommended to shrink down the files or something but that hasn't done anything. Can anyone help me? I need to get my site searchable ASAP! Thanks!
  2. HTML Sitemap

    A while ago, Yoast, the developer of the great plugin Wordpress SEO, wrote an article on creating a HTML sitemap you can publish on your website for visitors. XML sitemaps are already provided by the Yoast plugin. The question is, how to create a custom PageLines Template for this page, including the suggested functionality provided by Joost de Valk (Yoast), to be embedded automaticly in the content area of this template? I know how to create a custom PageLines template. But I don't know how to implement the php code yoast provided. Anyone ideas for the right implementation? Thank you.