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  1. I have searched your forum and really tried a lot to fix it, but it looks i need your help.   I'm using the Simple Nav Section for a footer menu wich is defined in the menus and configured to show in the Simple Nav section in Theme Locations. The Simple Nav Section is activated for all page types in Page Option Setup.   But for reasons i can't understand the menu is only shown on post pages and the home page which is a page with a different template (but the footer is not different, because is is site wide defined).   --> http://europecrowdfunding.winball.de/category/events-meetups/events/ does not show the menu in the Simple Nav section   The HTML contains the section and even the <ul> for the menu, but it is empty <ul id="menu-footer-navigation" class="inline-list simplenav font-sub"></ul>   --> http://europecrowdfunding.winball.de/ -->http://europecrowdfunding.winball.de/2013/07/ecn-survey/ shows the menu in the Simple Nav section   Do i miss something to configure it correctly, or is this some kind of bug or problem?   Thanks
  2. Hi In the PL template I have assigned a Secondary Nav to the header which is adjusted to float right. I've assigned a WP menu in the Theme Locations section of Wordpress under simple-nav. However, PL doesn't populate the secondary nav with a menu choice for a new page until I choose it from the meta settings. Am I missing a trick for a default secondary nav menu to be selected for every page that is created? It's the one top right in this example: http://testserver.nicholaspealldesign.com/ Thanks PS forgot to say that the navbar option COULD work if only there was a way of stripping out the colour option and making it nice and simple? Looks like the options are coded into the PL theme.
  3. 2 Navigation Bars

    Hello, I have been searching for a bit and am not finding a solution. I'm not sure if my problem has a solution. My site is at http://ningboguide.com I am looking to: Permanently display two nav bars in my header. I would like NavBar styling to be on the top and classic or simple nav to be below it. (I'm trying not to use BrandNav because I can't get the thing styled very easily.) I would like to put the Simple Nav that is only allowed in the footer into the header. Is there some way I can do this? Or, is there some way to tell WP that I want NavBar and Classic Nav to use different menu sets that I create in Appearance? I have been playing around with Secondary Nav but there isn't an option to set that in WP Menus? I'm hoping there's something I can do to make Simple Nav available in my header. That would be awesome and easy. Thanks for any help in advance, NJ