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  1. Of all the Items that is on Pagelines Shortcode, the Signup on the Settings page is the biggest miss, can anybody tell me how i can add the Signup Shortcode on a link my footer so that users can subscribe to my blog directly or better still to create the shortcode myself if thats possible, but instead of adding a new button somewhere down, i think its better to add the Signup shortcode to an existing link, Thanks
  2. Hi, A couple of days ago i signed up for pagelines.me account (x3mgroup), to try the upcoming DMS framework, after the acknowledgement i got this message:   Our automated filters have determined that this blog signup looks like it could be by a spammer. ... The admin has already been contacted to review.   I also answered the question. But still nothing happens. I would very much appreciate if you could allow to do some test driving   Today i tried to signin and i get: "Site Suspended"   (i have a PageLines Framework Developer and previously a PlatformPro Developer, and will probably purchase the DMS Developer framework)   So i really would appreciate if you kindly could take care about the above.   Kind regards Charles Wolff Schoemaker X3mGroup
  3. Sign up page issues

    I recently decided to enable registration and after trying to use Register Plus Redux to customize my signup page I noticed the signup page was broken. It works with Twenty Twelve but not with Pagelines or the child theme "Transparency". I made a few failed attempts to fix the issue and hence I am here. Here's the pertinent information: Have you had a looked through the docs? Yes. No results found. Have you searched the forum? Found a couple questions but not enough relevance. Have you tried disabling plugins? Disabled all plugins ... issue persists. Remember to include as much information about your technical issue as possible for example: Website URL: http://relijon.org/demo/wp-signup.php Framework Version: 2.4.1 (Transparency Child Theme) WordPress Version: 3.5 MU Plugins in Use: Currently none. Server/Host: LAMP VPS Screenshots: http://relijon.org/demo/wp-signup.php Details: I tried in multiple browsers with no success. PLEASE disable any cache plugins and purge any cached pages, we CANNOT help you if all we can see is a cached page. DONE