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  1. Sidekick

    Hi,   is it possible to show always the subpages/child menuitems of the first level element in the sidebar. For example I'm in the first level page (Parent1) and i want to list the second and third level in the sidebar (Child 1-3). And if I navigate in the second and third level (Child 1-3) I also want that all child pages are shown in the sidebar (Child 1-3).   Parent1 (for example custom posttype added to menu) ---Child1 (for example custom posttype added to menu) ---------Child3 (for example page) ---Child2 (for example page)   In my navigation menu i have also custom posttypes (added to the menu). How can i show them?   How can i add this functionality (without change in the core files of the plugins) or could update the section?   Thank you very much for you help   Greetings Peter    
  2. Hi Evan, thanks for the usefull sidekick menu. a question: is sidekick a solution to display childpages only? Or is it possible to use it as a standalone navigation menu (with parent and childpages together)? i'm looking for a vertical responsive sidebar menu - without the usual wordpress horizontal main nav. and what about IE behaviour - does it work in Explorer Version 7 (IE 6 support would be great as well). thanks for an answer! peter