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  1. My sidebar is now showing up below the content, but only on the homepage. I've tried disabling plug-ins individually, checking column width, and <div> tag errors on the page as well as in individual posts that are displayed on my homepage. I don't know exactly when this issue arose, so I don't know what else to try! Here's the page link: https://confessionsofacosmetologist.com/
  2. Sidebar becomes intermittently invisible

    Hi guys! I have noticed that my primary sidebar becomes intermittently invisible when browsing through various blog articles on michaelkummer.com/blog. See: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z646sgoa3mfjl1j/Screenshot 2018-07-12 15.57.46.jpg?dl=0 and https://www.dropbox.com/s/vdledzzgginvwgv/Screenshot 2018-07-12 15.57.57.jpg?dl=0 Upon refresh, the sidebar appears. I have been using the following CSS code to hide the sidebar on mobile without any issues. @media only screen and (max-width: 993px) { /* hide sidebars */ .plsb { display: none !important; } } I tried to add the following CSS to force the sidebar to show on screens that are wider than 994 pixels but to no avail. Any clue what could be causing this issue?
  3. New full width sidebar

    Is it possible to create a new full width sidebar that I can use only for a specific page? I only see the one universal full width sidebar available.
  4. Hi,   (This question is probably dumb, I'm very sorry)    How can I have different sidebars on different areas of my site using wp and pagelines framework, That is to say ... 1 sidebar for the Blog, 1 sidebar for individual posts and yet another sidebar for 'static pages'   Many special thanks in advance.    Kind regards Floris
  5. I am trying to put the primary sidebar next to the feature slideshow on the following site http://356sales.com.previewc38.carrierzone.com/wordpress_1053907736/ can someone show me how this is done? Can I put the sidebar in the column area or the feature slideshow in the content area? Thank you for your time.  
  6. sidebar customization

    How do I change the sidebars characteristics (colors, fonts, and such)? What is the code I need to use and where should I integrate it into pagelines?  
  7. Hi Evan, thanks for the usefull sidekick menu. a question: is sidekick a solution to display childpages only? Or is it possible to use it as a standalone navigation menu (with parent and childpages together)? i'm looking for a vertical responsive sidebar menu - without the usual wordpress horizontal main nav. and what about IE behaviour - does it work in Explorer Version 7 (IE 6 support would be great as well). thanks for an answer! peter
  8. Custom Layout

    I need to setup a template so that has left, center and right column boxes but below the left and center columns have a full width sidebar below. The full width sidebar cannot go across the right column. (See image below). Are there any suggestions on how I best go about doing this and make user friendly?
  9. Sidebar

    I'm trying to get rid of the secondary side bar on my blog page My settings are... Drag & Drop Template Setup> SB1 > Added Primary, Secondary Sidebar Page 1 (Blog Feed Page) - Primary sidebar, disabled secondary sidebar on this page but it does not let me disable secondary side bar Page 2 - Primary sidebar disabled, secondary sidebar activated (Works! only showing secondary sidebar) Is there better way of using different sidebars on different pages?
  10. Hi, I'm currently using the single sidebar layout globally. I'd like to have images/widgets span the entire sidebar up top, but below that, I'd like the sidebar to be split into two colums/sidebars so each image or widget takes up half of the sidebar. Is this possible? I've searched the forum without luck. Thanks for your help. Jess www.MakeAndDoGirl.com
  11. I would like to request a solution to the individual blog posts sidebar customization. I know that on each page you can customize the sidebars that show which is great. But when you click through to an individual blog post page, all of the sidebars show up and there is no way to hide any of them. Can someone please help? The pagelines developer chat said there was no solution right now. This feature would be extremely helpful for those who utilize multiple different sidebars. Thanks, Lemonstripe Team
  12. I'm trying to add a border between the left sidebar and the main column and I'm finding it impossible. Here's some details with the problem... If I add a border on the left sidebar, on it's left or right side, the whole sidebar gets pushed underneath the main column. I'm guessing because it's too wide. Because if I add a margin on the left sidebar I get the same result. Whereas padding works fine- If I add a border to the left or right of the main column, the left sidebar is pushed down. The right sidebar seems to stay intact no matter what I do to it. And changing the right sidebar doesn't effect the left sidebar. Would appreciate any advice, thanks.
  13. I would like to be able to change the background color of the Full Width Sidebar and make the border look like this (Pic below) Help? This is how the website looks now http://maggyfrancois.com THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
  14. Hello, I updated to platform pro 1.6 after creating a child theme. Unfortunately my sidebar is being pushed down below the content on my main blog page - shackvalley If I click to view the individual blog post, the sidebar is in the correct location. -My layout editor is currently working after being dead for some time. -I have made enough space in layout editor to accommodation all that is in the sidebar. -I have deactivated and deleted any plug-ins that changed recently including AddThis Thanks for any input. I know this is an old version and I hope to update to frameworrks when possible. Dave
  15. Hey, I was wondering how I could change the font type of my "Categories" list in the sidebar. For example right now my sidebar font is showing as Helvetica because under Site Settings > Typography > Text Headers, I have Helvetic chosen. But I would like to use the Google Font "Permanent Marker". Firebug shows that my Categories are grabbing the font type from h3, but since Typography changes all headers at once I do not know how to customize this. Please help! Thank you.
  16. How do I change the css to make the font larger on the sidebar but not the content? http://lrdclients.com/wp/im-new-here/ thanks! larah
  17. Hi! I have made a website using WordPress 3.5.1 and PageLines Framework 2.4.1. . On this page for example has a content area with boxes, and a right sidebar: http://www.xanderuitgevers.nl/joe-jackson. Lately I have added some extra stuff to the sidebar, and now the boxes have moved all the way down. I have made some modifications in the css, and from what I understand in this topic Sidebar / Footer Boxes Stacking below Content (http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/25100-sidebar-footer-boxes-stacking-below-content/) this can effect the position of the boxes. I have no idea what I should change to get the boxes back in position, just below the content again. By the way, it's looks the same in all browsers. Would be great if someone could help me out here! Thanks in advance!
  18. Sidebar confusion

    hi volks, some sidebar confusions and i can't find a solution! in drag and drop i have Primary Sidebar and Secondary Sidebar (with option: hide by default) and Tertiary Sidebar (with option: hide by default). In Secondary Sidebar i use the Category Widget and in the Primary Sidebar i'm using a Subpages Widget (to display childpages). in the Pagelines page options tab i checked on blog page, archive page, category page "Show Secondary Sidebar". in the past time these setting did what i wanted them to do: display childpages on pages display categorys on blog posts, etc. suddently these settings did not work any more. on every new post now i have to check the indiv. Settings Box "Show Secondary Sidebar" below the editor. do you know a better way to create what i need for this page? thanks!
  19. Hi all! I'm building a site with a main nav with single items (no dropdown) Consider my nav menu HOME EVENTS In EVENTS page, I enter in it and the item events is highlighted, everything OK. In this page I have a sidebar Menu with a list of events, so my most recent event is the page used in the nav menu for EVENTS item, I mean, when I click on menu item EVENTS i got to the page of my last event! When I change event in the side bar menu, I go to another event page but I would like to keep the EVENTS item of main nav highlighted (has if I hadn't changed page) Is it possible? Thanks Hugo
  20. Hi, Please can someone tell me how to create additional sidebars... Regards, Cait
  21. I have two issues: 1. I am having duplicate clones show up. They invent themselves -- even sections that I've never used before have three clones. I have no idea where most of the clones are. 2. The content box that I put in my sidebar does not show up on all pages. I definitely have the sidebar activated. I deleted and reinstalled pagelines and the theme that I'm using (simplicate).
  22. Hi I can't seem to change the default sidebar on my BLOG page. www.marcuswhitehead.co.uk/news I can change the widgets in it, but I can't swap the sidebar for 'accordion' or 'drag and drop' sidebars. Every other page seems alright. Equally, the check box to 'hide the three widgetised footers' doesn't seem to be having any effect. Again all other pages (& posts) are fine. Any ideas? I did try the search, and it indicated that perhaps there is a coding issue on that particular page. I couldn't find it, could it come from within the posts that are on display?
  23. In mobile view the sidebar doesnt show up on the side it is actually overlayed on the site. Is there any possible help on this issue?
  24. Sidebar spacing

    Is there a way to reduce the padding between widget boxes (as in, between universal and secondary sidebars). I need to bring the calendar widget higher up to meet the widget in the sidebar above. Website is here: http://pl.hogacrecommon.org.uk Thanks!
  25. I want my widgets to each have a different look and feel. I have managed to change the background, text and border colors of all my widgets as a group. But as soon as I am trying to customize them individually it won't work.