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  1. Meta Shortcodes

    Hello,   I am building an eCommerce store front with DMS and am using the flipper to help me do this.    I can get the products to display by selecting products in post type options under Flipper settings, but in regards to Flipper Meta I would like it show the PRICE of the product.    My question is simple. What is the Meta Shortcode for "PRODUCT PRICE" to be added in the Fliper Meta to display PRICE in Flipper?   Here are some examples of Meta Shortcodes other than the one I am looking for.   Thanks ahead,   Mike   Example shortcodes you can use are: [post_categories] - List of categories [post_edit] - Link for admins to edit the post [post_tags] - List of post tags [post_comments] - Link to post comments [post_author_posts_link] - Author and link to archive [post_author_link] - Link to author URL [post_author] - Post author with no link [post_time] - Time of post [post_date] - Date of post [post_type] - Type of post
  2. I ran in to a problem with button shortcodes several months ago while working on a site for a client. At that time, time was of the essence so I worked around the issue.   Same problem has reared it's head again.   When using multiple button shortcodes on a page is where I run into problems. The url, button type, color...any attribute actually, is corrupted. Is it not possible to have multiple buttons on the same page that have differing button text, link, color, etc. attributes?   A link is worth a thousand words, here are two. You may need to look at the page source for more. http://www.patrickfarber.com/site/about/ http://www.patrickfarber.com/site/button-test/   My attempts to remedy: PL version is up to date Plugins active/inactive no change Multiple browsers - i.e., ff, chrome, opera, etc. Multiple button types I"m toast - Any help is appreciated. -Paul
  3. Bad Ass video shortcodes

    Just purchased this plugin. Don't see any options to insert video in my drop down menu.   Any ideas?    
  4. I want to show a particular text at the top of a particular category. Apparently I can't directly post php tags in hooker so I am using http://wordpress.org/plugins/allow-php-in-posts-and-pages/ to work around that. It works fine. In hooker however I can't directly post pagelines shortcodes as they don't get recognized. HOWEVER if I call them via php include then they display as intended. The following example works: [ php ] if ( is_category( 'my-slug' ) ) { include 'my-file.html'; } else { echo ''; } [ / php ] But this one doesn't: [ php ] [pl_blockquote cite="XYZ" pull="right"] A great quote[/pl_blockquote] [ / php ] even though all that is in my-file.html is [pl_blockquote cite="XYZ" pull="right"] A great quote[/pl_blockquote] So this makes me curious: what am I missing and how can I avoid using a php include to show pagelines shortcodes in hooker?
  5. How do I go about adding icons (fontawesome icon font) to Scrollspy menu items and other shortcodes built into PageLines? <div class="scroll-header page-header" title="Key Terms"> <h1 style="text-align: center;">Key Terms <span style="color: #999999;"><small>that you need to know </small></span></h1> </div> In the above code, if I wanted to place an icon in the title, how would I do that? Adding "<i class="icon-ok"></i>" seems to break it. What am I missing or is this not possible? Thanks.
  6. I'd like to use the shortcode for a Facebook-like [like_button url=http://url-to-like.com] but with a suggested text when you share it with your friends. Is that possible?
  7. Hello, i am a newbie, i started with pageslines yesterday. I canĀ“t find the pagelinges shortscodes (buttons, carousels, alerts, modals and much more).
  8. Shortcodes

    Where is the documentation for shortcodes for platform pro? I am trying to include tabbed content, however cannot use a plugin (not compatible). The link on this page is dead. http://www.pagelines.com/wiki/PageLines_Shortcodes Thanks, h
  9. Is it possible to customise the behaviour of the bootstrap carousel using the shortcodes? Sepecifically I want to have carousel set to pause unless the user clicks, so no auto sliding at all. I've tried this: [pl_carousel name="cameraslider" data-pause="true"] also, for a different slider I would like to change the speed of the sliding: [pl_carousel name="trailerslider" data-interval=1000 data-pause="hover"] but the speed seems to remain constant whatever value I put after the data-interval attrinbute (the pause on hover does work!) thanks
  10. Tooltip Position

    Hi I have just udated to 2.3.1, and now the tootlips which weren't working at all, are working, which is great. However, the positioning is not working. I have the following shortcode on the frontpage of my site. [pl_tooltip tip="Played by Mark Killeen" location="top"]banker [/pl_tooltip] but the tooltip still shows up to the right! Ironic, as the udate was all about fixing positioning. I'm very happy that the tooltip is working at all though! Question 2. Is there any way to style the link for a tooltips and popovers differently to other links, to make it differentiate between links that are clickable? thanks kk
  11. shortcodes

    Just looking at some websites using pagelines and they are using shortcodes to create columns: for example 2 columns: one_half one_half or 3 columns: one_third one_third one_third Could you pls reference the documentation for this? I don't see it in the less documentation Thanks