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  1. Hi All,   I have a shortcode [postview] which I want to append to the end of the meta bar.   This might seem a silly question but I have scratched through the forum and could not find the answer.   Can I do it within the settings or must I edit the base theme code?   Thanks!
  2. Hi I am looking for an 'accordion' like approach that can be applied to individual sections of page content and work as a shortcode. A full accordion which does have a pagelines shortcode [pl_accordion] is not what I want as it collapses any other open sections and looks as though it does not like being used more than once on a page.. It is possible to code this directly calling bootstrap as follows: <a href="#" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#demo3">click to reveal text 1</a> <div id="demo3" class="collapse out">text 1 to reveal contained here!</div> <br /> <a href="#" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#demo4">click to reveal text 2</a> <div id="demo4" class="collapse out">text 2 reveal contained here!</div> The problem here is that each pairing (target / id) has to be set up by hand and as it's incremented and used HTML it is not sensible to give to end users to maintain. Much better would be a shortcode spproach which just sorted out correctly identifying the content area to expand or collapse and somehow handled incrementing id's in the background. Ideally in a form such as: [pl_collapse title="click to reveal text 1"] text 1 to reveal contained here! [/pl_collapse] I see there is a 'collapser' section in the store, but this looks to create custom post types, one per set of content, and offer much more by way of features and sophistication than I need. I am trying to keep all the content on one page!
  3. Hi, I have added tabs on my website. I use shortcode provide on the link http://support.pagelines.me/docs/miscellaneous/shortcodes/ . Instead of be displayed on the same like on the pagelines example. You can see it on the following link http://troll.ws/image/87c96c86#.UbWoLNjvjCo My tabs are displayed the first on the first line and the second below. You can see it here : http://troll.ws/image/b8dc5a76#.UbWocdjvjCo When i inspect the code i notice this : The <br/> is generated on my code. I am wondering if it is normal ?
  4. Hi, quick question about the Pagelines demo site. Page > http://demo.pagelines.me/ uses boxes to display the following topics; SEO Tuned & Social, Tons of Addons, Responsive Design, etc., under the "Professional websites for the rest of us" section. These boxes each use an image. I see that the image is set in the Box Setup Options (using upload image, etc.). My questions is; can I use Font Awesome icons (using a shortcode) instead of a regular image in this place? Screenshot attached. Thanks.
  5. I am using the shortcode you provide to include sharing buttons on my pages. Everything works fine apart from the Facebook Like Button. When clicked, you are supposed to get a window that allows you to write a personal comment before posting. Mine is limited to 75 px because of a SPAN tag and is therefore cut off. Why is it limited and how to change? http://gcitdev.com/gcit/services/computer-network-support/ Thanks, Ginny
  6. Shortcode in meta settings?

    Can Gravity Forms short code be placed into the meta settings for a section? I've developed a template that has a right hand column who's content is populated from a section meta setting and though the shortcode works in the main content it doesn't appear to work in the meta settings' content. I am using WP 3.5.1 PageLines 2.4 Gravity Forms 1.6.12 and the sample page is at http://test-cms.infousa.com/test-of-templates/
  7. Hello, recently had this problem with Jigoshop's shortcode pagination, only happens when the frontpage is set as a static page and the products are placed on this frontpage with Jigoshop's shortcode like this: [recent_products per_page="12" columns="4" pagination="yes"] What happens is, the products appear just fine, but when you click the pagination to go to the next page, it stays on the same page with the url changing to ...page/2/. Not sure if anyone faced this problem as well. I've already posted this on Jigoshop but looks like the only ones who had this problem is due to Jigoshop's conflict with the theme. The strange thing is if I use the shortcode similarly on another page (not the homepage) say ..../anotherpage/, the pagination works just fine. Decided to post here to see if there is anyone facing such situation too. Meanwhile, I've also tried the Woocommerce integration done by Mike Jolley, it is really quite well done, not sure if Pagelines has any plan to swipe that in as well and improve on it. Cos, it's basically ok, but I'm not able to use that as well since the shortcodes don't work too good too. So I'm forced to switch my theme to one from Woothemes instead. Hope to hear anyone's suggestions soon! Thanks!
  8. Hi there, I am trying to enable both a grid and an accordion via the shortcode in one of my pages. I have lifted the code directly from the tools page http://demo.pagelines.me/tools/ but neither is displaying. I am pasting the code into the Text editor and have used the [pl_raw] wrap as well. I have tried disabling all my plugins, but still cant get the grid/accordion to display. The page for the accordion is: http://www.sqaacademy.org.uk/sslnwordpress/?page_id=292 and the password is test Many thanks
  9. Hi, The modal function rocks. I can put everything in it like video and images. There is one thing left i need. Can you provide me with a simple piece of code where i can click from TEXT a modal window. Best would be to provide me with a shortcode for this like [pl_modal title="Title" type="btn" colortype="info" label="Click Me!"] Some content here for the cool modal pop up. Labels, badges, and buttons can open them! [/pl_modal] Only now from text. Would be great! Thanks, Evert
  10. Hi guys! First, you still rock! ok, here is the link: http://refined.huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/list-with-us/marketing-your-home/ I have 4 tabs but the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tabs are not separating correctly, or at all. I re-created the shortcode in a new page to test and it works fine. I do have 'shortcode within shortcode' but it doesn't seem to be an issue on the first tab. I have HTML within the shortcode, as well. I have most of the page enclosed in [pl_raw] tags but I need that because the tabs design is all messed up without it. what should I do? here is the shortcode I tested and use:
  11. Multiple Accordions On One Page

    Hi, I am trying to implement multiple accordions on one page and can not get them to work. I have made sure each accordion has a unique name name="accordion1" name="accordion2" etc etc I have, within each accordion, numbered them number="1" number="2" etc etc Yet it seems to only load the first set of accordions and then repeats it instead of the others (2,3,4) What am I missing? http://paste.pagelines.com/5c3 Thanks
  12. Hello, I implemented the accordian shortcode and all content stays open. Here's the test [pl_raw] [pl_accordion name="accordion"][pl_accordioncontent name="accordion" number="1" heading="Tile 1" open="yes"] Content 1 [/pl_accordioncontent] [pl_accordioncontent name="accordion" number="2" heading="Title 2"] content 2 [/pl_accordioncontent] [/pl_accordion] [/pl_raw] - See enclosed image....
  13. The problem is that the second and third image is not showing. Here is what i used: [pl_carousel name="PageLinesCarousel"][pl_carouselimage first="yes" title="Slide 1" imageurl="http://www.xxxxx.xx/foto/Karin1.jpg"] Foto 1 Karin [/pl_carouselimage] [pl_carouselimage title="Slide 2" imageurl="http://www.xxxxx.xx/foto/Karin.jpg"] Foto 2 Karin [/pl_carouselimage] [pl_carouselimage title="Slide 3" imageurl="http://www.xxxxx.xx/foto/Karin2.jpg"] Foto 3 Karin [/pl_carouselimage] [/pl_carousel]
  14. Hi, I wanna use features section with tabs shortcode. I have already used Image carousel shortcode http://paste.pagelines.com/4fa but now i wanna use features section so i can point out some parts in the product so the description should be in right or left side. Please help me to include features in under tabs. Thanks, sakkthi
  15. After upgrading to 2.3, shortcode styling seems to have disappeared for some buttons in a Feature Section I have. Here's the shortcode I'm using for one button: [pl_button type="warning" size="large" link="http://truelocalonlinemarketing/contact.com" target="blank"]Get in Touch[/pl_button] Basically, the button colour - and other styling - has disappeared.
  16. ToggleBox shortcode

    Hi, this might be a trivial question, or has been solved before and I am just having a hard time finding an answer. I have read in the docs that pagelines come with an extensive shortcode library. I am trying to look for a shortcode for Toggle Boxes. something simple like: [toggle_box title="Toggle Box Title"]Box Contents[/toggle_box] Could you please point me in the right direction to find out how to implement this feature? Thank you Paulie PS: in case you would like to see the look that i am trying to achieve you can see these sample shortcodes in the following link: http://themes.doitmax.de/wordpress/invictus/?page_id=17
  17. Tooltip position

    I am using the bootstrap tooltip shortcode on my site and having trouble with the positioning in safari and google chrome... http://mediplay.yodro.com/sign-up/ *If you hover over the icons you will see the tooltip... The issue does not appear in Firefox or IE - Does anyone know how to correct this issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  18. I think the answer is no, but wanted to see if there are any adjustments I can make (as a non-programmer!) to the Image Carousel I am using based on the shortcodes page (http://demo.pagelines.me/tools/). This is a really handy carousel for me, and a big help! Mostly I am curious if it is possible to adjust 2 items: - the height of the black bar with the caption text/subtext (I'm using smaller images, 400x400, so it would be great to make smaller) - the speed the carousel progresses through the images I haven't seen any notation on being able to modify, but wanted to make sure before I check it off my list and don't keep wondering if it is possible. Great shortcode! So much on that page that is super helpful. BTW, if I should be posting questions like this under "Customizations" instead please let me know. I wasn't quite sure where to post it. Thank you-