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  1. I am trying to use the Font Awesome short codes as images in my boxes.   <i class="icon-coffee"></i> icon-coffee   <span class="ibox-icon-border pl-animation pl-appear pl-contrast media-type-icon pla-group animation-loaded" style=""><i class="icon-3x icon-tablet"></i></span>   Thus far, I have tried pasting the short codes into the content editor, as well as the fields for Boxes Image and Boxes Custom Class.   Not sure what I'm missing here (other than an in-depth knowledge of CSS).   Thanks!  
  2. Events Shortcodes

    OK, so you can just write this off to my being a noob with shortcodes if you want, but I am trying to use the Month option for the [event_list] short code and I am not finding a way to make that work. What is the syntax I should be using for say...May? Thanks!