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  1. Hi I am using Jetpack and I have the sharing module enabled. Since I updated to framework 2.4.1 the sharing module appears twice on my site. Once where it should beneath the post, and again in the sidebar. I am not sure why this has occured so any assistance on the matter would be appreciated. http://www.priceofmilk.co.uk/reviews/single-reviews/lykke-li-velvet-the-big-pink-cover
  2. Header Share Icons

    Is there a way to make the header icons share... instead of going to profile pages? eg... on posts ability to share post to facebook... on header... it will go to a facebook profile instead...
  3. I have been looking for 45 minutes to find the way to remove the post footer sharing icon div, and I can't find it. I found the way to remove the icons and text, but not the div itself. It's not a widget or a plugin, and I can't find an option anywhere. I want to install AddThis because all of my other websites have it, but I need to remove the footer sharing first. Thanks for the help! Karen
  4. Sharing not enabled

    Hi! I'm unable to share and publish my post to my facebook and twitter. There isn't a sharing tab on my settings bar on the dashboard. What's wrong. Appreciate if i can get help. TIA! Serena