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  1. Email page for ShareBar

    Okay, I am finally getting the hang of using the forums to resolve a lot of issues I had in the past. My question does not seem to exist in the Forum. I have a website for a tour company and we are interested in using the ShareBar on our tour pages but I noticed it does not offer an option for the tour company's client to "email this page" to their friends who are interested in going on tour together. All we have on the ShareBar is google, facebook, tweet. Which is understandable. But how to add an Email This to the ShareBar is the problem? I know it is not a very common feature but short of shelling out 6.99 for a not an equally attractive plugin in Pageline store for "Extended ShareBar" how can I add this? On a side not, why would Email this not be part of the ShareBar? I see it on so many sites everywhere else.
  2. Sharebar section not available

    From docs: "The Sharebar section can be placed in the Header, Page Template, Content Area, or Morefoot template areas." How come I only find it available in the content area in drag and drop? Ole
  3. Hi I'm relatively new to Platform Pro (Framework v2.4) When I add the sharebar to my page, it is visible but the links don't work. For example, if I click on Facebook, it creates a share box with no content and it shows the number of likes for Facebook (2.7m) rather than my page. I gather that the coding should create the links automatically so I have probably missed something somewhere. (For the record, it also happens when I use sharebar extended) Any suggestions? Tiffany
  4. May I have some assistance with the Sharebar and auto-shortening the site URL that appears in the Twitter Balloon when someone wants to share via Twitter? Thanks, Cody
  5. In our blog posts when people click the facebook like button it shares the wrong photo. I use the featured image feature so I'm not sure what's wrong. Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks!
  6. The social sharebar icons are very slow loading. Before I disable them and replace with a faster plugin ... any suggestions that might speed them up? Thanks. Example: http://www.wemedia.com/blog Or follow any link there to see in a post.
  7. I am using the Sharebar in my blog/posts template. All the icons except Facebook are showing. Any ideas why? Visual Reference of page/sharebar/Chrome Web Dev Tool: And the settings:
  8. I want to add the sharebar below page titles on regular pages (not blog posts or excerpts). I have found a great fix by @seanriceaz. I just changed 'pagelines_loop_after_excerpt' with 'pagelines_loop_above_content' The code for functions.php is: //This function adds the pagelines sharebar to an excerpt (or really, anywhere) function get_sharebar_in_excerpt(){ if (class_exists( 'PageLinesShareBar' )) { global $post; $share = PageLinesShareBar::get_shares(); $meta_share = sprintf( ' %s ', $share ); echo $meta_share; } } //Attach the sharebar function to the after post loop excerpt hook. add_action('pagelines_loop_after_excerpt', 'get_sharebar_in_excerpt'); It works fine, however it is duplicating the sharebar on posts pages and excerpts, which are handled by default by the framework. Any idea how I can add the sharebar under pagetitles on pages without duplicating them on posts pages ? Thanks Elena
  9. Hi All, I have just put together a small site for a petition and used the "sharebar" section so people can link to it. However I wanted to add an external link with image in the right hand section of the ShareBar, as their is plenty of space free. I've searched but can not find an easy way to do this.... Or, is this the best way to do it at all... Happy to float / hover instead. Primary site: http://www.ncop.org.au This is the code I think I need to add. P.S.... I'm not really a dev.... ;-) But I've got as far as I could with firefox and firebug etc.. <div id="simplistech-logo"> <a href="http://www.simplistech.com.au" target="new"> <img src="http://www.ncop.org.au/wp-content/themes/ncop-pagelines-theme/images/simplistech-logo.png" alt="SIMPLISTECH : Technology Made Simple" /> </a> </div> Thanks in advance for either solutions. Regards, Miles