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  1. Hi, I'm having issues saving any changes I make to the Typography and Colour Controls in the Global Settings. I'll make the change I want and hit 'Save Options' but the "Saving..." graphic won't stop, well, saving! And when I refresh a page to see if the changes have indeed been saved, nothing has changed.   I'm quite new to Wordpress and Pagelines, so any advice is welcome :)   Thanks!
  2. Hiya! Anyloop has been working great for me, but I've been dealing with a slight problem in getting it to "hide things". In grid view, on a non-Pockets page, I would like to have the "Comment Link" not show. I select the "(Turn Off) Hide the Comment Link" checkbox in the pages meta settings and hit save, but after the page reloads the checkbox is no longer selected. Here's a link: http://varsity.wpengine.com/about-varsity/ I'm having the problem with the staff boxes about halfway down the page. Thanks! Allegra
  3. Importing Pageline settings

    I am trying to import an existing pagelines theme into a new development server. I have followed the tutorial here: http://www.pagelines.com/wiki/How_to_Migrate_PageLines_from_Another_Site When attempting to import into the new server, I get a blank screen. Upon research, this is caused by not having enough memory allocated for PHP. I do not have the permissions to increase memory limit on this server. How else can I move the settings?
  4. In both my own, and client websites I build using Pagelines Dev. 2.0 with most recents upgrades to 2.4+, background images are not responding to pagelines settings saved in the Color Control settings area of the theme. Supersize does not work at all. I've already tried disabling plugins. Does not solve... In the site URL below there are no plugins installed, yet the problem exists. I've already tried altering Layout settings. None of the layout settings combinations resolve the issue. Layout is set to fixed width. I've been building a new client demo site, and have nothing installed except your theme with most recent upgrade, and the background settings are not working properly. I have not installed any plugins, only base PL 2.0 Dev sections and a child theme, Transparency. If it helps, your settings for background images used to work during versions 2.3 but stopped working with 2.4 upgrades. Thanks in advance for your help! http://lotusclient.com/
  5. Hello, I hope you can help. All settings, the custom css, analytics code and so on vanished in the platform pro settings. What have I done? I made a domain change - ok, i tried it! What I have done: - logged in ftp, created a new file "marcborries" - took the whole existing wordpress files and put them in "marcborries" - open the wp-config.php and edit: define('WP_SITEURL', 'http://www.my-new-domain.de'); define('WP_HOME', 'http://www.my-new-domain.de'); - wordpress login is positive, all pictures, post and site-content are fine - with search and replace I changed all my-old-domain.de in my-new-domain.de - i went to front-end: its terrible, no header-logo, only chaos - I take a look in the platform pro settings: all vanished - with search and replace I changed all my-new-domain.de in my-old-domain.de - took the code out of the wp-config.php, but the same problem: settings and css vanished Please help!!!
  6. No posts on BLOG page

    I can't seem to show any blog posts on the blog page. Here is what I've done to troubleshoot. I deactivated all plugins, and there is no cache plugin. I setup blog in Settings >> Reading >> Static Page after I created a page called "blog". I checked the Pagelines >> Site Options >> Blog and Posts, all good there as best I can see. I've also checked Pagelines >> Page Options >> 404 page and only "content" is added so that should be good. Also, when I created the blog page, I didn't change template, its simply set to default. All I verified that posts are set to public / published. Also, I can see the blog posts in the WPTouch version of the site just fine. Is there anywhere else I should look.
  7. Hey Nick- Ok, let's give this one more try. I have purchased and installed the theme successfully; however, upon attempting to upload the settings file my browser simply takes me to a blank white page upon clicking "install" and nothing happens. Since I am unable to install the settings file I need help to determine what other settings should be set or help installing the settings file. Let's start here and go from there. -Corey
  8. Hello, Pagelines Meta Settings in post page has become inaccessible. It has somehow moved to the right of the page. (see below) I have played around with the plugins none of which seem to be the issue or at least solve the issue if deactivated. I'm hoping someone may know or can help me figure this out. It would be greatly appreciated. Gilbert
  9. I am currently trying to develop a couple of child themes for my site. Child themes use the base page lines settings (correct?). So if a different child theme is activated, it still uses the same pagelines settings. Would I would like to request is that different sets (profiles) of settings be able to be saved in the pagelines system, which a child theme could also request from within itself.