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  1. Hi,   Working on the DMS and wanted to know if there is a way of adding functions via the on page editor, i.e. such as Yoast's SEO Breadcrumbs function:   <?php if ( function_exists('yoast_breadcrumb') ) { yoast_breadcrumb('<p id="breadcrumbs">','</p>'); } ?>   Otherwise there is no simple way of either adding functions or code via the editor - which seems like a major weakness.   Trying to add it to http://twentyfirstdigital.co.uk   Thanks.
  2. In boxes, custom created buttons, like: <a class="btn btn-reverse btn-large" title="XYZ" href="http://www.domain.com/about/xyz">XYZ</a> are automaticly changed (by Pagelines??) in something like this: <a class="btn btn-reverse btn-large" title="XYZ" href="/?page_id=2365">XYZ</a> Ofcourse we understand that when you change the URL of the specific page later, the link/button will still work this way. However, regarding to SEO and Usability this is not what we prefer. Is there any way to change this or updated in future release of Pagelines? Thank you. LOOKS LIKE AN WPML "Sticky Links" issue maybe SORRY WAS WPML INDEED
  3. Hi, I've searched through the PageLines forums before, but only found hints on how to achieve the opposite (hiding h1 titles on pages). Every page of my blog (www.muenchen-webdesign.de) has an H1-title, and I'm totally fine with this. However, the homepage (which is setup on purpose to be the blog posts overview page, and I don't want to change this) does not show a page title (such as simply "Blog", or - as I'd like to get it - "Blog & News", which is the corresponding menu name). Most of you will know why this is important to me - any SEO-Tool expects to find at least and at most one H1-tag on every page of a website, and Google & Co. honor it if you have that H1 on every single page. I've searched comprehensively through various articles on the web on how to achieve this, but finally gave up, mostly because this seams to be something that needs to be implemented in the themes' sources - and a) I don't want to change any themes' sources (which would get overwritten mostly by theme updates anyway) I'm a PHP absolute beginner So I really hope there is either a way to accomplish this through the "regular" theme options, or the PageLines developers have a heart for people like me and "quickly" add this to the themes' options in one of the upcoming updates. If that's not possible (for whatever reason), I'd still be happy to get directions on how to add this in a correct and safe way manually through the PHP-sources. I'm currently using version PageLines 1.3.5 but will update to version 1.4.0 soon. Thanks for any help in advance and best regards, Franz Kohl
  4. SEO And pl_tabs data

    HI Guys Do you know if there is a way to let bots index the [pl_tabs] content ? by adding <title> and <meta> blocks . Because my Yoost SEO tool isn't seeing that data Content: No Meta description: No [pl_raw] [<span class="searchlite">pl_tabs</span>][pl_tabtitlesection type="tabs"] [pl_tabtitle number="1"]Title 1[/pl_tabtitle] [pl_tabtitle number="2"]Title 2[/pl_tabtitle] [/pl_tabtitlesection] [pl_tabcontentsection] [pl_tabcontent active="yes" number="1"] <h3><title>Title 1</title></h3> <meta>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit<meta> [/pl_tabcontent] [pl_tabcontent number="2"] <h3>Title 2</h3> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit [/pl_tabcontent] [/pl_tabcontentsection] [/pl_tabs] [/pl_raw]
  5. Seo No Text In Body

    Hi, My homepage (www.janpeeters.nl) is a static page with a Masthead and AnythingBoxes section with the latest posts form my blog page. There is no other text in the page. Yoast SEO plugin reads the page to give advice on how to optimise my page for SEO. Because the two sections are not taken into account it reports that there is no text on the page. I'm wondering and trying to find out how I can fix this. Adding text that I don't need on that page won't be a solution. It feels like Yoast SEO only reads the text in the main text field on the page where it generates it's report and doesn't know how to include the various sections on that page. Or is there something that can be altered in the Framework to include the text from sections into SEO plugins reports? Thanks, Jan
  6. Evening All! Can i use SEO YEOST on a page that doesn't have any main page content on the page itself except for wording in the sections (masthead, boxes and banners) i read the following post but i think it's out of date and doesn't seem to work http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/10487-using-yoast-wordpress-seo/page__st__20 Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, How do I changed the social icon images in the branding section while using child theme? I have uploaded new png files to replace old ones to use for other social networks but when updating the theme today it changed back to the default icons, so how do I implement this using child theme so I dont get overwritten when updating themes next time? Also, is there a way to add rel="nofollow" to the social icon links and rss links? I believe this is an important SEO issue. Thanks, Colin
  8. I was wondeirng if it was possible to add an alt tag the social icons that come with Pagelines as default. For example, I am using an SEO plug-in which searches through pages and finds thing to improve on. It tells me that each pages has at least one image without an alt tag. As most of my pages don't have images on, I am presuming it is finding the social icons.