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  1. Section County  download page no working   http://www.pagelines.com/shop/sections/county/ The download page 404 Not Found. I know this may not be your fault, after happen so many thing to Pagelines.com.   Can you do something about it. Thanks!
  2. I noticed that there is a "section options global" and "section options local".  I thought I would be able to set the header locally for each different template but I'm not able to do this.     I didn't see any explanation for this in the docs.pagelines.com section.     If the sections options global/section options local don't allow for page/template specific headers, is there any negative to not having a header and I would simply use different media boxes/columns without a header?   
  3. Full-Width Mastheads

    So I'm getting up to speed on PageLines, despite the forthcoming changes.  I'm trying to get a basic full-browser-width masthead, as described in the docs and other threads, but it ain't happening for me. Can't get it to go full-width.  Here's my setup:   Under Site Options > Global Settings > Layout Editor 1. Layout Handling set to Responsive/Pixel Width 2. Site Design Mode set to Full-Width Sections 3. Default Layout Mode, I select Single Column (no sidebar) 4. Layout Dimension Editor seems a moot point when trying to get full-browser-width sections.   Then I go to my Page, and select Default Layout. I drag a Masthead into the Header section. But when I save, and view/refresh the page, it's still constrained to a pixel width.  How do I really get full-browser-width sections, that bleeds to browser edges, but then has content within it that is constrained? This is what I don't get. Your thumbnails in Layout and Site Design Modes seem to indicate layout function that I'm not getting.    This is a static layout of content that I'm trying to replicate via PageLines...Any advise would be helpful.  http://chrisphoto.com/chw2.0/rethink/   Chris.
  4. Hello My first post here at the forums. I've been looking through the different sections of the forum to find a way to add the option to select size and color of a specific text in a custom section. I've created a section and I'm able to get it to show me a dropdown of all fonts available - this works fine. But I would like to be able to select both font size and color from for the same section. How is this possible? Thanks Kind regards Jesper
  5. I have adapted the existing Twitter widget so that it can display the newer Twitter badges available here: http://twitter.com/badges I am having a problem with the code. Any help would be appreciated. Here is the contents of the section.php file: http://paste.pagelines.com/6x9 The twitter username and widget ID can be set from the meta panel. Currently the Twitter badge is not displaying for me even though as far as I can tell it should be working. I can't figure out what is wrong. I am very new to Pagelines & PHP so it could be something simple! If we can make it work I plan to offer it up for free at the Pagelines store.
  6. Every now and again, I'll notice that things change on the backend of my site when I didn't manually change them. For instance, I noticed this morning that my post pins section just completely disappeared from my site. So I did the following: 1. I checked to see if the section was an option within the drag and drop area of the pagelines dashboard, and it wasn't. 2. then I went to the sections tab within pagelines dashboard (via wp dashboard) and noticed that it said the section wasn't installed. 3. When I clicked to install the section, though, it said that the section already existed within my site folder. 4. This has happened before, so I already knew to check my FTP (I use filezilla) and look within the location that error message said the folder was located. Sure enough, the folder was there. 5. I deleted the folder 6. Then I downloaded the section My problem is that I had edited the section because I wanted the capability filter by category and tag AND I actually changed the excerpt length from 25 to 0......so I don't want the "as is" version of the section. I knew that an update was bound to be released eventually, so I actually saved my custom code within a php file on my personal hardrive. When I replaced the current section.php file with the one I had saved, though, my /wp-admin (aka backend of my site) completely shut down. So this leads me to 2 questions: 1. Why did the section delete without me deleting it? 2. how do incorporate the code I got from here (thanks to @simon) other information: my site: http://www.brightontheday.com
  7. HI all, I have made a hideous mistake.... I noticed a new version of a section that I have (tabber) so I downloaded it. I tried to upload the new version and received the message that the folder already existed. So I deleted the folder through my FTP and I uploaded it again. This time I got the message that it had installed correctly but it is not available in my 'your added sections' and is not working on my site. I've tried 'refresh store' and I've refreshed my cache but it is not there... Can anyone help me get it back?? Thanks, Glyn (pagelines framework 2.4.1)
  8. This is a actually not a ContentBox question, but more a general question. How can we know when a Pagelines section has been updated? If we find an update we want to use, how do we update? Will the info we entered in the original version, like say, images, be lost when we update? THANKS!
  9. I would like to request a new feature: Add a setting for the height and width of Sections under the PageLines Meta Settings on individual pages. For example, I've been trying to adjust the height of the "Boxes" Section on my homepage via CSS, but finding the correct selector has been difficult and time consuming. This would be a huge help for this Section and many others.
  10. hi, i need to create a new section that import 2 sections that currectly exist, here is the muck up this is what i'm trying to do: http://d.pr/L1CD as you can see i need to include boxes and another section that i use for other pages, is there a way to do this? a hook or function? thanks.
  11. Hi! I'm building a site in witch I have a left sidebar with a menu. In some templates I use text in Content Area and I have the desired result: Menu Content Area Text link1 Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error link2 doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam link3 ect............ link4 link5 but in one specific template I would like to have Post in content area using PostPins Menu Content Area Text link1 link2 Post1 Post2 Post3 link3 Sed ut perspiciatis ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas Neque porro quisqu link4 Sed ut perspiciatis ipsam voluptatem voluptas link5 ipsam quia voluptas The problem is that I can't put the side bar in left of the section and I get this Menu Content Area Text link1 link2 link3 link4 link5 Post1 Post2 Post3 Sed ut perspiciatis ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas Neque porro quisqu Sed ut perspiciatis ipsam voluptatem voluptas ipsam quia voluptas Is there anyway to put PostPins in Conten Area or Expand the side bar to left side of the section? Thanks Hugo Dias
  12. Price Section Mod

    I'm looking for a resource who can help me modify a Section I bought from Pagelines Store called Pricing. I have added a new field to a copy of the section. The new version works great on my WAMP, but reverts back to the original section when I upload it. It does show up in the store. It is activated and the original one is deactivated. It is showing up in the Drag/Drop area. However there are hash symbols where there should be buttons. I needed to add a PayPal button option. The original only had buttons with URL links. I have attached the modified sections.php file for your reference. The new PayPal buttons work on my local server, but not on my webserver. It works with either type of button on my local server, too. You can find the website here: http://www.bluelogicentertainment.com/wp/pricing/website-packages When it goes live it will be www.bluelogicllc.com Thanks. Taama Forasiepi PS. I there a way to allow for more than one row of items per page? section.php
  13. How do I change the background for specific banners? I already know how to change the background for banners on a specific page, but now I have multiple banners on one page that I would like to customize. Having a hard time finding it in the forums, so please redirect me if this topic has already been answered.
  14. Centering Content Div

    So I am having an issue, this works in some browsers, but not in others. My screen looks fine, but not sure why it I have to do it this way.... div.content { padding-left: 56px; position:relative; } Any idea if I can float it to the center instead of adding a padding?
  15. This page is set up as a special post type and until recently was working just fine with the pagelines meta. http://careercalifornia.edu/ai1ec_event/testing/ The pageslines meta section shows up when I edit the page, which I can use to change the layout, but none of the sections that I have turned are are showing up anymore. On this test page I have a set of boxes turned on and some content in one of the content boxes, but they aren't showing up. Here's what the pagelines meta section looks like when I edit the page: http://screencast.com/t/C4y1V0qGXU I've gone through and checked for conflicting plug-ins and couldn't find any that made this work when I turned them off. Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to create a photo slideshow that is driven by a most recent posts query. I'm currently using the QuickSlider section to render a slideshow of most recent posts and driving readers to the most recent articles. I update this manually though so I'd really like to drive it by a most recent posts query. I haven't had much luck finding a section that does this within Pagelines. Does anyone know of a solution or have an idea of how to handling this? Thanks! Kate website: logansquarist.com
  17. I am attempting to write a custom function to send the header and footer areas of the the pages to a .net web service anytime the content of the header or footer area is updated. I have worked out the WordPress action hook for when the menus are updated, add_action( 'wp_update_nav_menu', 'write_html' );, but I need to also call my function when the header or footer sections are updated via pagelines. We have custom sections that are being used for the header and footer areas. I have looked through the Action hooks here: http://api.pagelines.com/hooks and watched the hook tutorial here: http://www.pagelines.com/docs/base-child-theme The video is talking more about Filters than Actions (using WordPress terminology) and the list of Actions in the api page doesn't show anything that might relate to updating a specific section. So I have 2 questions: 1. Is there a pre-exisiting Action hook for when a custom section's site wide settings are updated such as through PageLines > Page Options and selecting the section? 2. If not, how can a custom Action hook be added to a section's update?
  18. Postpin Section Improvements

    Hi, Here are some ideas to improve this great premium section: possibility to exclude one (or some) categorie(s) possibility to use WP excerpts compatible with WP author page compatible with WP search page Really hope to see these missing features in the next update! Thank you for your great work! Jean-Philippe
  19. My homepage will require that the "features" section and "content" section to be a different color from the internal pages . I used CSS to change the features area as an example but it works globally. Would it make sense to have a special "features" and "content" section for the homepage so I can apply different CSS? And if so, I do I create these new sections?
  20. Hi again, I was looking at the source code of the site I'm working on. I had duplicated a box section so I could have two sets of boxes on the home page. Well, it looks like when you duplicate a section, the ID gets duplicated too, so now I have two places in my code that say: section id="boxes" IDs are supposed to be unique on a page. How can I fix this?
  21. Feature Branding

    Feature branding is not showing up for me on this page http://foxhilllivestock.com/about/ Site is password protected: crimson889