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  1. I have been creating a website for my client at tacticalpurpose.com and I am using a secondary navigation for membership info. However it is only displaying on the homepage. How can I get this to show up on all pages? Everything looks fine in the backend of pagelines.
  2. Hi guys, I am using the secondary navigation as my main menu and I would like to add a wrap to it, like in the picture below. Could you advise me what would be the easiest way to do that? Here is what I've added so far... ul.sf-menu li a { padding: 10px 55px; position:relative; left:-105px; font-size:26px; font-weight:normal; } I am sorry I am not able to send you a link as the site is still private. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi! I just realized that my secondary navigation does appear on the home page only. This navi contain the categories and I allocated it in the "Morefoot" section (in "Drag & Drop"), but it's the same when I allocate it in the "Footer" section. I checked the "Page Setup" in "Page Options" for all pages (Blog, Archive, Category, Search, Tags, Author Posts, 404) : nowhere is the checkbox "Hide Secondary Navi" active. That's amazing because the carousel, which is allocated in the "Morefoot" section as well, does show up on all pages! In case you would like to see it, here it appears (just on top of the carousel): http://mobiwatch.de/ and here it doesn't, the carousel only: http://mobiwatch.de/zubehor/ What the hell is this? Does anybody has an ideal why this happens??? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I'm trying to set up a global/sitewide secondary navigation menu. I used to have one when running on an earlier version (platform pro) but I've switched to the latest Pagelines framework and can't see how to do it. Here's the site. I've used Crackbar for the main menu. http://www.modeltrainsonline.co.uk/ What I want is a nice simple secondary nav under it with just a few select pages on it that visitors can use as a handy reference. I've dragged in the SecondaryNav element into my header in Drag & Drop. I've created a custom menu that I want to use throughout the site called "reference", but... Where do I tell pagelines which menu to use for the secondary nav??? It's driving me nuts. I can see how to specify it on specific pages. And I can see that I can have pagelines use child pages, but I don't want that... I want to use a specific menu sitewide. Any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks... from a baffled Pagelines fan! Justin
  5. Hi - searched the forum and doubled/rechecked everything. Cannot get Secondary navigation to dispaly. I only want secondary navigation on the following page: http:///www.leadwithastory.com/category/blog I have made sure: - secondary nav is enabled in all necessary templates (default, category, blog) - I enabled secondary nav in both the header and the content (just to test) and it will not appear in either section - ensured that secondary nav is SHOWING in the page meta - created the secondary nav (based on select categories) and selected the saved navigation in the page meta drop down choice for secondary nav - deleted browser cache - saved meta settings and updated page changes multiiple times - page template is set to "default" Why does it not display? Thanks for your help. K.