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  1. NavBar and Secondary Nav options

    I am building a new site using PageLines, and will have a main nav, which I plan on using the NavBar. I also have a few landing pages which are separate from the website pages, but still live within the WordPress and the PageLines theme. I want to have a NavBar which would just have one link back to the Main Site and I want it to look exactly like the main website NavBar. Can this be done and if so, how? I have been banging my head on this for a while now.
  2. Hi In the PL template I have assigned a Secondary Nav to the header which is adjusted to float right. I've assigned a WP menu in the Theme Locations section of Wordpress under simple-nav. However, PL doesn't populate the secondary nav with a menu choice for a new page until I choose it from the meta settings. Am I missing a trick for a default secondary nav menu to be selected for every page that is created? It's the one top right in this example: http://testserver.nicholaspealldesign.com/ Thanks PS forgot to say that the navbar option COULD work if only there was a way of stripping out the colour option and making it nice and simple? Looks like the options are coded into the PL theme.
  3. Secondary Nav is great - its the only Nav that lets me assign (header-)Menu's individually for each page !! BUT its not mobile friendly (if I resize the browser, menue points jump to second row...) Maybe has anyone a solution to turn secondary Nav in a "mobile friendly menu" ? (or how to make the mobile menu plugin work with secondary Nav?) ???? That would be awesome! Cheers Julius
  4. Hey, I have been using the secondary nav to show the child pages which has been great. My only concern is that I am not able to apply Certain CSS values to it. I have tried #secondnav { display:block; width:60px; } to make it vertical to no avail, and some of the postioning atributes are not applying. I may be useing the wrong Base theme, but when I outline it I can tell that is the one I want to use. I am assuming it is within the footer and has other attributes applied to it that are not in the #secondnav theme. I am new to this so any help would be much appreciated! B
  5. Hi, I hope someone can help me with this, because I have browsed all the forums, but can't find an answer... At http://kootpiano.nl/wp, I would like to: 1. left align my main and secondary nav with the header (the sec nav lines with the header, but I can't find how to adjust the main nav) 2. diminish the horizontal space between the main and secondary nav 3. divide the space between the main and secondary nav with a horizontal line (1px) I already have made some adjustments in the Custom Css, and some work, but some don't. I also tried to make these adjustments via the Pageline Customize Plugin, but that did not seem to work. Is there a big difference between those two, or is it just what one prefers? Thanks in advance!! Eva
  6. Hi, I'm trying to set up a global/sitewide secondary navigation menu. I used to have one when running on an earlier version (platform pro) but I've switched to the latest Pagelines framework and can't see how to do it. Here's the site. I've used Crackbar for the main menu. http://www.modeltrainsonline.co.uk/ What I want is a nice simple secondary nav under it with just a few select pages on it that visitors can use as a handy reference. I've dragged in the SecondaryNav element into my header in Drag & Drop. I've created a custom menu that I want to use throughout the site called "reference", but... Where do I tell pagelines which menu to use for the secondary nav??? It's driving me nuts. I can see how to specify it on specific pages. And I can see that I can have pagelines use child pages, but I don't want that... I want to use a specific menu sitewide. Any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks... from a baffled Pagelines fan! Justin