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  1. I'm designing (not so much a coder!) a site for a client that requires the BrandNav instead of the NavBar. When I switched to the BrandNav, the search box went away, but I still need that functionality. How would I get a search box at the end of my BrandNav?   Thanks!
  2. Hello! I am so happy with my upgraded version of pagelines and the amount of support is great. I have been cross browser testing and I noticed that in IE8 the seach box icon is blown out. I have searched for answers but have not found any on this specific issue. Any tips on how to fix this is greatly appreciated, picture attached.Thanks!
  3. Search box not working

    Our search box hasn't been working since we launched the site 6 months ago and I can't figure out how to fix it. is the search box on the top right corner able to be fixed somewhere in the code? If not, can it be removed? You can see the box here: www.inspiredeats.net
  4. How can I hide the search box on static pages but display it at the top of my sidebar on blog page & post pages?