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    When putting a background color in some section and go to save, pageline like that it stays locked and does not allow you to save the changes made and sends an error to the console. (Uncaught Error: cannot call methods on iris prior to initialization; attempted to call method ''toggle).
  2. Hello. I have a big problem, platform 5, the save changes button does not work. All the time, "spins" and can not save modifications. There was information about the account refresh or re-login (due to the token), everything has been done, still saving does not work properly. Help. I got an answer on facebook that you have to put the site from scratch, I have a dozen or so - it's some tragedy. So ask for help !!! Regards, Kedark
  3. Permalinks problems?

    I am changing things in Site Options and the Save is running and running like it's caught in a loop. I have rebooted and closed down browser and it still runs and runs. The things I am changing show that they saved in the dashboard but it's not saved when I look at it online. My webserver said I was having problems with my permalinks and I'm not sure how to fix those. I created a new page, http://www.hiringsolutions.net/?page_id=951. When opening it online all I get is a white screen. My Custom Structure in my permalinks list is blank. Shouldn't it have a link in it? Thanks, Beth
  4. Hi! I just updated and am having all sorts of quirks and problems. My biggest issue is currently that my pages will not "update" nor do they "save meta settings" when I click the appropriate button. I am able to make the changes -- but everytime I attempt to save or even to preview the page, nothing will happen. When I click "update" the small wheel next to the button will spin, but the page will never update. The url does not change. Any idea what this could be? As of right now I can't alter any of my pages on the website! Thanks for any help!