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  1. Hi All, since I installed Premise Plugin on my website, I found that Salebar plugin, if active, causes some troubles. Basically, any landing page created with Premise is... blank. You need to deactivate Salebar Plugin and the page appears. Have you any solution for this issue? I don't want to stop using Salebar, but I want to use Premise too Thank you so much!
  2. SaleBar is hidden behind the WordPress Admin Bar.
  3. Salebar Breaks Mobile

    Not sure why mobile breaks, but this seems to be a big problem. Now the m.xyz.com returns an error. Even when I deselect Salebar from the PageLines menu. Fatal error: Call to undefined function ploption() in /nfs/c05/h05/mnt/159039/domains/jejuworldwide.com/html/wp-content/plugins/salebar/salebar.phpon line 50
  4. I only checked on iPad and iPhone since that is what I have. The dropdown menu I use is standard Navbar. The menus have a double tap type of response to move to the next level in the menu normally. With the sale bar activated the nothing drops down at all. The details: Standard Navbar Dropdown navigation enabled Shadow on dropdown enabled Arrows on dropdown not enabled No custom CSS Only header script is Bing validation tag I will continue disabling plugins to see if there is a conflict of some sort.