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  1. Box image align right

    Any chance I can get the box image to align right? In my case not every box will have an image and I'd like to keep all of my titles aligned left vs as shown in screenshot.
  2. Ok, I'll admit that I've searched and seen a few topics on this with various suggestions, but unless I'm seeing wrong, they all seem to be prior to 2011. So here is my request for updated info based on the framework in it's present version. How do I align any of the nav bars to the right of the branding logo? I don't have a site built as yet, and I've used some css before to kind of get the effect, but it's always messy when trying to make it look good in a responsive setting. So i'd really like some advice in what is currently the best was to do this and which nav type would this work best with. I just want to hear the current methods before i start thinking about using it in my layout idea.
  3. Hi. I'd like to move a single nav bar item to the right. this is what I have: li#menu-item-114{float:right;font-size:18px;color: #225e20; font-weight:bolder;} li#menu-item-114 a {float:right} .navbar .navline li#menu-item-114 a {float: right;} .navbar .navline li#menu-item-114 {float: right !important;} However, the above isn't working. Any thoughts? I just want one menu item on the navbar to float right. I don't want to use margin as it will mess up in responsive mode. Quote MultiQuote Edit
  4. Boxes

    Hi there, http://www.sunpromotions.fi/basecamp There is four boxes in row. Problem is last one on right. You can see white line on right side of it, any idea how to get rod of it? Thanks, Ville