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  1. Another Navbar Issue

    I am currently using pagelines customize to try and reposition the menu part of the brandnav. I want the menu itself moved over and the font changed. I have tried using the #brandnav hook, but I think I'm doing it wrong as nothing changes. Can someone give me some code I can put into the pagelines customize style.css file that will allow me to do this? If not is there another way of doing this? I'm not great with code so please spell it out as best as you can. Thanks! Also in the bottom section of my logo there is a light blue strip, what I really want is to position the menu so it overlaps that strip. Here is what the menu used to look like, and what I'd like it to look like now: http://web.archive.org/web/20111205223402/http://www.gryphon-strategies.com/ (the top blue menu)