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  1. font rendering

    hi all. sorry to ask, have searched forums, searched the google, can't find answer. google fonts rendering horribly in windows. i'm looking everywhere and can't figure it out. i know that pl includes webkit. what am i missing? this is one of those search for weeks whenever you can get to it things. no answer. it's Oswald as a heading font that looks bitmapped and ugly. thank you. capemyers.com
  2. I am developing a site under http://www.xava.ie/home-2 and it appears very differently in Mozilla FireFox(V 17.0.1) and Chrome(v 23.0.1271.97 m) The box images under the quickslider appear in their full size and not resized like they do in Chrome - any suggestions? The images are png 24 and I w2ould have thought that the responsive element will take care of the image sizes.