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  1. Updates Online

    I am sure this is on here somewhere... but I can't find an answer and I have been working on it all day yesterday. SO I do apologize if its a repeat. I have two other Wordpress Themes on different blogs (didn't have this issue). Just added a new site http://ironwoodcrossfit.com/ to PageLines, then upgraded to Pro. I have a Mac computer, a Dell Laptop and my iPhone. It doesn't matter which I am on, it never shows the accurate update. When I make changes to my site, whether its logo, sliders, pictures, widgets, etc. then hit preview or update and then preview it doesn't show up the changes I made. Example. Last night I changed my logo. Tried to update and view and no change. Refreshed, closed browsers, tried other computers... no change. I couldn't see the accurate logo picture till this morning till after I had to refresh a few times. Just made some more changes... and nothing. Super frustrated. Wondering if there is something I need to do my software, system to get my page current at all times. Another example, I my site on my Mac is currently showing the accurate logo and information. But my iPhone doesn't. Also it is different on each brower - Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Thank you!