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  1. Hello everybody, I'm building a new site with Pagelines and would request special assistance. Well, I want to offer a customized search engine on my new site, as this will be an advertising site, where I have registered several companies from various sectors. So, I want to allow users have a filter the search by category. Example: I will create several categories that will be the States of my Country and sub​​-categories that are the Cities of each state. So, I want that the user can choose which place he wants to search. Well, I searched few plugins they can offer this, but not found. In this case, only the search form, more two 'Select'. Being one for category and another for sub-category that appears when the user selects a category. Well, here's an example of what I want: If someone can give me a hint how I can do this, I'll be very happy and grateful. Or, if you know a plugin that has this functionality, even better! The search system WordPress is very simple! Well they could offer something more sophisticated! Thank you!