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  1. Recent posts by catagory

    Is there a way to create 4 boxes across my home page one that has a genral image with a list of my latest 3 to 5 posts from my weddings catagory then one for engagements and so forth? Ive attached a image of what Im trying to accomplish. I wouldnt mind making the grey area for the text alittle transparent too. Thank you for your help
  2. Hello All, Looking to increase the line space between posts for the default Recent Posts widget. This article from wordpress.org provides a solution. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/increase-spacing-between-recent-posts?replies=5 Which style sheet would be updated in Pagelines? WordPress 3.5.1 Pagelines 2.4 Pagelines Base Theme 1.0.2 Thanks, ~eric
  3. 3 most Recent Posts in a Box

    Is it possible to put the 3 most "Recent Posts" like the "Widget" in a box and add it to a box set? So I could show the titles of the blog posts as links in the box. How would I do that if possible? Thanks...
  4. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to create a photo slideshow that is driven by a most recent posts query. I'm currently using the QuickSlider section to render a slideshow of most recent posts and driving readers to the most recent articles. I update this manually though so I'd really like to drive it by a most recent posts query. I haven't had much luck finding a section that does this within Pagelines. Does anyone know of a solution or have an idea of how to handling this? Thanks! Kate website: logansquarist.com