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  1. Hi, Is it possible to have random post images from a given category in a carousel instead of latest (similar to another post re: flickr images but im none the wiser) thanks in advance
  2. Random box

    Hello, I have 3 boxes on my home page. I would like one of them to be randomized between 5 or 6 others. Do you think there is a way to do it ? Thank you very much. Yannick
  3. Hi, ive searched the Forum but couldnt find any thread to solve this problem i have. Its about my site that im working on at the moment. I dont know what have im doing wrong but out of nowhere the URL-endings of my blogposts are changing randomly every few seconds. example for the same article: http://blurayplayertest.tv/sony-bdp-s580-test/#.UNvhZ2_aUz4 http://blurayplayertest.tv/sony-bdp-s580-test/#.UNvhcW_aUz5 The part after the last " / " is not from me and never wanted. You see, there is an different ending. I dont know how to fix this and it has just appeared right before Christmas. By the way, in the same row with this problem, my meta (title, discription, keywords, etc.), some excerps and the "alt=" of my articlepictures disappeared too. I hope that someone can help me with this!
  4. Rotating Header

    Since the question is asked a few more times (and there is no real answer to this) I would love to see a section which adds the functionality of a rotating header. Since I'm not a very savvy coder maybe somebody from the forum can build such a function... In the meantime: is there a good way to get this working without such a section? I tried the full-width sidebar and adding a NGG galery to that but I can't get rid of the link which is popping up the header image (as a gallery image should do.)
  5. How To Random Feature ?

    Hello, How to random feature ? Thank you.