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  1. Hello,   I know how you guys are about holding our hands when it comes to css.  Though I am a complete newbie on this, I did read the Pagelines support page on Custom CSS as well as the W3 website.  So I know how to apply the change, I'm just having trouble nailing down the correct element.   I was able to find it using the Chrome inspection tool (see attached).  And I was even able to remove the padding by un-checking the padding box in inspection mode.  I just can't nail down what element tag to put into the Customize plugin.     Fslider is not working.  This is what I currently have:   fslider { padding:none; }   Can I get some help on this?   Alyse www.theurbancoin.com 
  2. So far I am working with a Quickslider and one set of boxes.  I initially had them in the template area.  But they were showing up too big (wide), so I decided to put them in the content area and divide the space up with sidebars.   Well, The links don't to the Quickslider and boxes do not work within the content area.     Am I missing a simple setting that will allow this to work?   I have already disable all 3rd party plugins to see if one was causing trouble.  Please HELP?!?!!   Alyse
  3. Greetings, So im trying to achieve a slider that will show a picture on one side a text on the other. I was using the Feature section but it wont do exactly whats needs for my client. There is a few things i cant seem to get to work correctly. I can center the text just fine on the feature but need to have arrow navigation to move from slide to slide. The entire site is going to be slide based so everything is on slides. So I really need a good solution for this. I could easily just do an image file but then the SEO is gone from each page. I have been trying anything possible but i cant seem to figure it out. Any suggestions? Different sections to use? Thanks in Advance Current Site http://radpreview.com/ADG/ http://d.pr/i/kzCm - Slide 1 http://d.pr/i/e7P3 - Slide 2
  4. I find myself needing to rotate the four slides with their captions, but haven't found any other way than cutting and pasting the content back and forth. Is there an easier way? Thanks!
  5. Hello there, I'm having a little problem here withquickslider which causes the content to flash/blink, It only appears in safari though. To see it you can click on the arrows of the slider. I have found this topic in the forum http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/23252-iblogpro5-strange-navbar-flashing-text-with-quick-slider/page-2 but it didn't help. I already tried deactivating all plugins, problem still here. Website URL: http://www.theliquorstore.fr/fr/ (this is a demo version) Framework Version: latest WordPress Version: latest Tank you guys
  6. Hello- I put a quickslider on one of my blog posts. Worked easily and well! The trouble is, now I have a quickslider on EVERY blog post. Is there a way to have quickslider active on just that one post? Thanks!
  7. Good morning. I have a slight problem that is baffling me, and I am hoping that someone can help me. When I post a link to my home page (http://www.pastamore.co.uk/) on Facebook, it conveniently (happy mistake), turns my quickslider into an ad banner. But, as of earlier on, this is accompanied by some unwanted 'NO PASTA' text: http://paste.pagelines.com/data/images/2/28q.gif I do not know from where this is being generated. In addition, when I click on the link to get through to my website, from my Facebook widget within my site (http://www.pastamore.co.uk/?page_id=517), I get this error page: http://paste.pagelines.com/data/images/9/9pn.gif I am hoping this makes sense. Presumptuous premature thanks to anyone who can help, Rudi
  8. Hello People & Thanks in advance for any light you could bring ! I have this terrible problem i cant understand why it appear... I have 3 different websites with the same Pagelines Lite template and in all of them i have the same custom code and sliders, they are really similar; No new plugins were installed since the Quicslider Worked... Here is what is happening... : the Quickslider wont load... meaning that it only loads a 1000x10px frame, like the one it appears when you wait until the quickslider's image loads... Detail: None of the quicksliders will load in the entire website: www.gesnetconsultores.com Please, if you know the answer or anything it could be causing this problem i would be really thankfull ! Cheers everybody! Nik
  9. Hello everybody, Im new here, i hope to help people aswell as been helped. Here is my problem: Im using Pagelines LiteEdition and it was everything working OK untill this weekend, when the navigation options for the quickslider decided not to work anymore.. I have 3 sites and i ve only changed one of them this weekend, so it cant be the fact that i ve installed new plugins ( i ve uninstalled the new ones and the error is still there )... So, when i click the arrows to change the slide, is like it refreshes the page again... Any clues of what could be going wrong ?? Thanks a lot ! Nik
  10. I have the Quickslider function on my homepage running a series of slides. It has worked great until just recently. The slides have started over-rotating pulling in the next slide just slightly on most of the slides. I have no idea what caused this or how to fix it. Any help would be great. -James www.ugmspokane.org
  11. Hello, I cannot figure out how to remove the space between the content box and the quickslider. I do not know code which is why I purchased Pagelines Framework and added the Plus. I have installed Firebug but do not understand how to change/create/modify code/css/html/less - in other words - I do not understand enough to fix it myself. Can someone please just give me step by step instructions on how to get rid of the space? I would like the same space between between the content box and the quickslider which I have between the classic nav and content box. The test site is here: http://test.woffard.com/ Thank you for your time....
  12. Hi, I 've made a home page www.lean2succes.nl with a quickslider and boxes. The quickslider doesn't show properly in IE7 and IE8: the images do not show, you only get an empty frame with a red cross in the top left corner. Is it possible to fix this? A message to IE 7 and IE8 users that they do not see the site properly would be a could alternative to a real fix. I hope anyone can help me with this. Thank you! Kind regards, Ed Cramer
  13. I need help with QuickSlider and Features. 1. QuickSlider doesn't appear on page http://pmwebinars.ru/. Why? 2. Features have a border or a shadow, which irritate me. How I can turn border off or check it by using css? 3. What are the difference between QuickSlider and Features? I want to promote my main services on homepage. What should I use: QSlider or Features? 4. How can I define the Fetures size in pixels? All pluggings are disabled.
  14. Hello, I installed today last wordpress installation with Pagelines Framework 2.3.8. I activated the Quickslider on my homepage with 4 images. Hower I cannot see the images. My site is on url: http://www.flandersunitedbuyers.be Is there a way to help me? Regards, Marc
  15. Features Title Styles

    Can you alter the speed of the automatic transitions? The admin panel sets it to 7 seconds. Can it be made faster or slower? Also, can we style the text -- different font sizes, etc. Thanks
  16. I have images on flickr that I would like to have fadezoom as a feature image. Is that possible?
  17. Best Use Of Quickslider

    Hi there, I am wanting to customise my site to include an image slideshow in the main content/postloop area, see attached image to get an idea of what I am working towards. I have created the brandnav and second nav ok http://metamorfx.co.nz/?page_id=6. What is the best way to get the slide show in there? Would that be by using the quickslider using css to make it fit?
  18. This is the second day in a row this has happened to the website I am working on: www.bakersdozencomedy.com. Yesterday one of the three Quickslider images I have on the home page stopped showing. I re-checked the Quickslider settings on the Home page and it looked like the below. It shows the URL, but not the image. I tried relinking it to the image in the library and it wouldn't show up. I ended up uploading the same image again and then it worked. Today, I just had the same thing happen with the 2 other Quickslider images and also the background. Is this is a bug?
  19. Quickslider height

    This is my first attempt on a Pagelines themes. I cannot get the quickslider to work correctly. It rescales all my images to full width and makes them proportionally the same height. Any suggestions?
  20. How do you remove the border around the quickslider? I also want to speed up the transition. I can't find any reference to it in styles.css. Help?? Thanks.
  21. Hi I have set up a number of posts as a test and have set the posts page as "Articles". When viewing this, there is a quick slider block with some default images which do not link anywhere. I want to change these to the a category of posts (news, recent posts), but cannot work out how to do this. I am able to remove the quick slider but not choose any categories. Is this correct? I didn't want to use features instead as i would have to write posts as a feature instead of normal post. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Purnima
  22. On my Home page, I'm trying to place a Quickslider underneath the navigation bar. Under that should be a Carousel, then Boxes, then Content. However, when I have both the Quickslider AND the Content boxes active under Active Sections in the content area of the template setup, only one appears on the site. If I hide the Content button section, then the Quickslider appears. but once I activate the Content button again, the Quickslider disappears. I'm anxious because this bug compromises the entire REASON I purchased this software: because I'm incredibly picky and want my site to look how I want. Is it impossible to have both the Quickslider and Content active under Active Sections? Why? Is there any CSS I can enter to override this function? My site is www.amyhoney.com.
  23. Hello All I have had some user feedback that the menu dropdowns are appearing 'behind' the quickslider on my homepage - http://shackletonepic2013.com I have asked them to clarify the browser they are using etc as mine appear fine. But whilst I wait for this I wondered if anybody has experienced a similar issue and found an easy fix to ensure it works across the board? Thanks in advance for your help! Kris Sydney, Australia