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  1. I have Quickshop installed on my WooCommerce section of this website: http://a04.125.myftpupload.com/ Main Shop: http://a04.125.myftpupload.com/?page_id=1198 I've having what appears to be CSS issues on the individual product pages. After cleaning up any code accessible from the wp-admin, the page still appears broken. I never tried to customize it, it just came broken like this right out of the box. You can see examples of it broken on every single product page, see here: http://a04.125.myftpupload.com/?product=futaba-14sg-14-channel-2-4-ghz-radio-system http://a04.125.myftpupload.com/?product=gremsy-gstabi-h7-brushless-3-axis-gimbal http://a04.125.myftpupload.com/?product=dji-inspire-1-zenmuse-x5-gimbal-and-camera-unit http://a04.125.myftpupload.com/?product=dji-wookong-m-flight-controller Can somebody help?
  2. QuickShop

    Hello everyone, I face a common problem as I can see on relevant topics with quickshop plugin. On Product Single page of woocommerce, i use quickshop as layout. The primary photo of my product doesn't appear on the thumb slider, but the first image is the default placeholder. Need some help not with custom script in the product description for each product. Have a look on my website: http://lillyandsid.gr/shop/camp-things-top/
  3. Greetings Have been racking my brain on this upgrade of a complicated site from DMS to PL5. Almost there but the Woocommerce shop section is giving me problems. The Product Image is not displaying on product page. Have followed a couple threads, one talks about opacity=0 and making sure a default product variation is chosen - did that but no solution. Another talks about using the QuickShop extension. Well that gets my product image to show (Yeah!) but seems to have at least 2 scrollable images and if I only have 1, get a blank image for that second. But the bigger issue is it is essential that I have a sample music player for the various music products. Using Koplo sample MP3 player and works fine in the normal WP-content look section. However, QuickShop thread says to delete wp-content section when using quickshop, so how the heck do I get the sample player in there??? Not much in the way of documentation on this (please send me a link if it's hidden somewhere) and have not yet explored all the settings in Pagelines Settings area for this extension yet. Also the edit product page tells me I need widgets for quickshop, and I see just 3 quickshop related widgets. Please see the shop at: https://cassclayton.com/ for the old DMS version. New PL5 version is at https://cassclayton.com/upgrade/ Thanks!!! trying to launch the new site in a couple days... yikes!