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  1. Hi Nick,    I just bought Flyte, and got it installed and activated. I'm following the set-up instructions and when I go to "Templates" to activate my Home Page Template...my only choices are "Default", "Feature", and "Landing Page". Help?   Jennifer   [attachment=1293:Capture.JPG]
  2. Hello there.  I recently switched over to DMS Pro.  My page using Projects seems to have gotten reformatted in the transition.  I uploaded all of my photos at 600 pixel height, but now all of the photos have been stretched tall and long.  Before they were all the same height in three rows.  Am I going to have to reupload all of my photos or is there some way to adjust this within the settings.  Thanks for your help.  
  3. I just installed Projects and really like it. In the details window however I have this tiny scrollbar next to the content, even if this content is one or two lines and with more than enough space at the bottom of the div. How can I get rid of that scrollbar?  
  4. Projects

    I have wp 3.5.2 and I cannot add the 400x600 photos and I am doing exactly as the notes tell me to do and yet every time it comes up no image. the attributes work and the thumbnail works but the image inside the project does not.   I've attached previously uploaded photos to the portfolio, added new photos as well as tried to insert the photos just to see if it would work but nothing i do will create the image inside the dropdown.   i really need this website done asap. i stayed up until 2 am working on sizing & formatting all of my images and for this section to not work is driving me nuts   :huh:       http://beija-flordes...com/?page_id=59
  5. hi. I'm using projects for a staff page. It looks pretty good but I'm having a issue with it jacking up the background and jutting out. I've attached an image. you can see how when the projects sections starts, the background is cut off by white. Is there a way to turn that off? I know they'll complain. thanks,
  6. Nick, The images that I upload as a gallery within a project do not display on the project page. I did the following: Create project Add media Upload images Create gallery from images Close out of the media library Update project Do I need to have more than one image in the gallery? Thanks!
  7. Hey Nick. So, I've been trying to figure out what the deal is with the category exclude for projects. I've got the section set to display on my homepage, will the exclude work there or is it set up to only work on the archive page? Other options are all working perfectly but this is the one thing I can't seem to figure out. I've triple checked the category ID's and I even tried using the slugs at one point in case that might work as well but to no avail. Thanks in advance for your input. James.
  8. Based on this site's design ( http://redfoxmedia.net.au/toolbox/ ), I had a few customization questions for Projects that I couldn't quite nail down: 1) Circles How to make the images circles instead of 4px rounded corners? I changed the 4px border-radius to 50% and it worked on Chrome ( http://cl.ly/image/0A2k1t0M3j0S ), but the captions don't display properly on Firefox ( http://cl.ly/image/1W3s3P0r1B3k ). 2) Caption always visible Instead of just on :hover, how can I get the caption to always display? Thank you.
  9. For my gallery images I am using 600x400 images. However, when uploaded to the project they are displayed at a much narrower aspect ratio, so the images appear cropped. Any idea how to fix this? Here's the URL: http://minidynasty.com/public_html/make-my-tree-stage-1/# Thanks...
  10. I found http://thomaspark.me/project/expandingalbums/ demo (from http://app-folders.com/#simple4 ) and liked the different coloring for each ba-single-project-details background in your section's case. Could you add some color controls for each Project and/or add some CSS selectors to style manually? Additionally, on that demo I linked to, I like how they have an arrow pointing to which square was clicked. It'd be great if you could add an option to the post editor screen to say "yes, point to the active project" or "no, don't point to it" Thanks.
  11. Width of Section

    Hey Nick, I've got projects on a fixed width page, so the section's background color go full width and it looks a bit off. Is there any way to limit it to the 1000px wide site?
  12. Hi Nick, Please see link. How do I populate that text in the first field (the one with the scroll)? http://flagstonesearchmarketing.com/website-design-portfolio Thanks!
  13. IMHO, there's not sufficient direction here. I've followed all the directions below, yet I do not see a Projects tab. I assume it should appear in the left-hand side of the menu (much like Features or Collapser Posts would?) So am I supposed to designate a Projects parent page, then save the individual Projects as sub-pages? Not getting it. Any help appreciated. Setup Instructions Create a page, label it whatever you want. For example, Projects. Assign it a page template. Add Projects into the assigned Page Template area in Drag & Drop in PageLines admin. Add a project using the Projects tab that’s created in WordPress admin. Tips for Use Project thumbnails use featured images. Recommended size is 600×600. Project galleries use media library images uploaded into each gallery. Recommended size is 400×600.
  14. Dear Nick, I see the volume and magnitude of your output and always hesitate to trouble you with simple questions for fear of taking up time and standing in the way of progress! But I cannot solve this on my own: Is it possible to keep the name permanently on the featured project image, not just on hover? So that I see all the project tiles with the project name displayed? I am trying to allow schools to find themselves easily - with just the picture that is some work as they need to hover over many projects (now handily filter, though!) before they discover theirs. Is there some CSS magic that could make the name labels permanent? Once again, I appreciate your attention, whether my problem is solvable or not. Greetings and good luck, Jan.
  15. Hey Nick. I am so excited about your projects section, it's going to look amazing when I've got it working. So, the problem I'm having is that I get this placeholder image that shows up when I don't include a gallery and as cool as that is for others, for me I'd like to get rid of it. So, in order to do that I tried creating a gallery within a new project, exiting out of the media dialogue and then updating the project. And, nothing happens. No gallery is attached and the placeholder image is still there. I've tried clearing my cache and uploading new images and adding images from my existing media but I can't seem to get the placeholder to leave. The location is at http://transforme.ca/recent-works but it might not be up when you check as I'm not ready to launch it quite yet (currently using a different theme). Thanks again for creating great extensions for pagelines.
  16. Hi, I've got a question concerning the "Projects" section: In your instructions you write: "You can also exclude categories from being shown by supplying the category ID." But I can't find the "category ID" anywhere! Can you tell me where to look?
  17. Hi Nick, Noticed some misalignment in the columns. Regards, Jackey
  18. Hi Nick, Love this section. After deploy I noticed that when I have no gallery assigned it displays nothing. I would like to suggest to put a placeholder image there (similar in style as the folder image as placeholder for the absent thumbnail). Also... I noticed that it is not possible to add only one image to the Gallery... bummer (probably a wordpress thing)
  19. extending height

    Hi, Would it be possible to extend the height of images in the small slideshow under each project? What would be the best way to do that? Besides that, could I also extend the height of the post that describes the project, so that I can sometimes add a gallery of thumbnails there without it overlapping my footer? Thanks a lot, here is the link of what I am working on with Projects. http://www.fantastikis.com/nanartcollection.com.br/produtos/ Julia
  20. Dear Nick, just a note of encouragement - the masonry'n'isotope magic you worked on Pockets and Events looks fantastic. And the documentation is all a user could ask for. I know you mentioned that an implementation for Projects would require a major rewrite. From my point of view it would also completely transform the functionality and make Projects an even greater section! I'd gladly pay for an upgrade, or a new extended Projects Archive section... Good luck in your work. Even if it may sometimes take some time until I can use and purchase your little works of art, seeing and exploring them is always a pleasure. Yours faithfully, Jan.
  21. PROJECTS documentation

    Hey Nick, I don't want to sound dense. I have used some of your other products and appreciate your skills. But after nearly 5 hours I simply can't get Projects to work. Trying to figure out what on earth I'm doing wrong. I followed the instructions carefully. The page still says ERROR 404. http://rbicreative.com/portfolio/projects/ No thumbnails. No project images. No text. Nada... Thanks in advance Rick Baker
  22. Isotope categories

    Dear Nick, the new Pockets sections looks amazing. And the documentation is all anyone could ever ask for - documents, video and everything! I shall certainly make use of it in the future. In the meantime, is there any chance of Isotope ordering good old Projects, too? That would be wonderful. Maybe after a well-earned break, if indeed it can be done... It would very definitely enhance the Projects scope and functionality! Best wishes, faithfully yours, Jan.
  23. Dear Nick, I am sorry to trouble you with something I thought I could figure out myself. Where do I set global settings for the Name labels (the way you set Client, Date, Category etc. as a default for everything)? I checked Page Options and could not find it there, and for now I have to add it in manually every time. Apart from that, the section looks great! Thank you, regards Jan.