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  1. I have searched your forum and really tried a lot to fix it, but it looks i need your help.   I'm using the Simple Nav Section for a footer menu wich is defined in the menus and configured to show in the Simple Nav section in Theme Locations. The Simple Nav Section is activated for all page types in Page Option Setup.   But for reasons i can't understand the menu is only shown on post pages and the home page which is a page with a different template (but the footer is not different, because is is site wide defined).   --> http://europecrowdfunding.winball.de/category/events-meetups/events/ does not show the menu in the Simple Nav section   The HTML contains the section and even the <ul> for the menu, but it is empty <ul id="menu-footer-navigation" class="inline-list simplenav font-sub"></ul>   --> http://europecrowdfunding.winball.de/ -->http://europecrowdfunding.winball.de/2013/07/ecn-survey/ shows the menu in the Simple Nav section   Do i miss something to configure it correctly, or is this some kind of bug or problem?   Thanks
  2. hello humans.  i am having an issue in regard to changing my default image size for my jigoshop product page. i have done around 3 hours of research via the world wide web and none of the suggestions i stumbled across have helped resolve my issue.    i have edited my image settings in jigoshop....no luck i have regenerated my thumbnails after editing my image settings in jigoshop....no luck i have added custom css to my pagelines framework....no luck i have selected all available crop options in the jigoshop image settings and regenerated thumbs again....no luck   it seems that no matter what i do i cannot seem to get the default 150x150 image size for the product page to change to the size i desire. please help.    (also) i would like to know if you can change the "all products" header on my jigoshop "shop" page.    any and all helpful transmissions will be held with the highest regard from myself and for the others of my species whom inhabit your beautiful planet. humans unite! 
  3. hello  my site has disappeared today. i haven't been in the backend of the site in about a week or so, but i was on the main site earlier this afternoon and it was fine. everything should be updated properly, plugin etc. what should i do?    www.tedfury.com   when i go to my login bookmark for my browser i get sent here.    http://p3nlhclust404.shr.prod.phx3.secureserver.net/SharedContent/404.html   please help. my site is due for a very important relaunch in mid july.     
  4. i have a problem regarding perma links structure with pages. if you see this structure on www.seomatrix.de (click a content from left nav bar) you see its http://www.seomatrix.de/suchmaschinenoptimierung/index.php the index.php is also a page we use and we set a lot of links to it, so we need this page and could not be renamed, do you have an idea how we can copy site links structure to the new pagelines based project located in www.seomatrix.eu? there are also other subpages in for example http://www.seomatrix.de/suchmaschinenoptimierung/other-filename.php
  5. Hi, I 've made a home page www.lean2succes.nl with a quickslider and boxes. The quickslider doesn't show properly in IE7 and IE8: the images do not show, you only get an empty frame with a red cross in the top left corner. Is it possible to fix this? A message to IE 7 and IE8 users that they do not see the site properly would be a could alternative to a real fix. I hope anyone can help me with this. Thank you! Kind regards, Ed Cramer
  6. Problem with Header CSS / NavBar

    hey guys! i have a problem with my header: http://bierundich.de/ my customize settings are this right now: .navbar.pl-color-grey { position: fixed; width: 100%; border-width: 0; box shadow: 0px; background-color: transparent; background-image: url(http://bierundich.de/back.png); margin-top: 0px; } the problem is, at the bottom of the header, there is a line and i can't find the right code to get that invisible or out of css! please help! tristan
  7. Problem with LaunchPage

    Hi there, just reintalled all.. DB, WP, PAGELINES on my site HERE And.. when i active launcpage.. the background became black, no fomatting to template.. all is fault! What can be..? See the screenshoot in attachments. LaunchPage Active: LaunchPage Deactivated: Someone can help me please? Thanks for fast reply. Stefano
  8. Frameworks 2.3 Problems

    Recently updated to Frameworks 2.3. Love Frameworks but I think something is wrong, either buggy or my installation is corrupted.Here's what happens: I go to Features=> edit=> full size-feature background image=> I edit the link displayed=>save meta settings: The result is that the whole page refreshes and changes from an "edit feature" page to an "edit post" page, the feature is then removed from the Features list. That's gotta be wrong. Same thing happens with boxes. How do I edit features/boxes and preserve them? I've been dealing with this all day and losing ground. Help!