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  1. Price Section Mod

    I'm looking for a resource who can help me modify a Section I bought from Pagelines Store called Pricing. I have added a new field to a copy of the section. The new version works great on my WAMP, but reverts back to the original section when I upload it. It does show up in the store. It is activated and the original one is deactivated. It is showing up in the Drag/Drop area. However there are hash symbols where there should be buttons. I needed to add a PayPal button option. The original only had buttons with URL links. I have attached the modified sections.php file for your reference. The new PayPal buttons work on my local server, but not on my webserver. It works with either type of button on my local server, too. You can find the website here: http://www.bluelogicentertainment.com/wp/pricing/website-packages When it goes live it will be www.bluelogicllc.com Thanks. Taama Forasiepi PS. I there a way to allow for more than one row of items per page? section.php