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  1. Hello, we are having difficulties translating Pagelies Framework into Swedish, I downloaded the .po and .mo files from the translation project site and they work fine. The problem is that I cannot translate certain strings, most urgently the "By" and "On" strings on the post category page, the "Edit" link string translated fine. It seems as though the By and On strings are not taken from the pagelines .po and .mo files, as I have translated them there using Poedit. http://imgur.com/4oSESl6
  2. Hi, Is it possible to change the 'feature text position' and 'feature design style' for features that are created automatically with posts from a particular category... i cant see any buttons or drop-downs for this thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I'm facing a strange issue displaying my post by category. If I go to the category http://www.bienal-stp.org/category/noticias/ everything is correct and setup has I defined in PageLines-> Site Options -> Blogs and Posts but, when I click in one of the left links of category archive by month http://www.bienal-stp.org/2013/01/?cat=7 I loose thumb and excerpt, I don't have the posts list with the same appearance as in general category page. How can I fix this? Thanks
  4. So im currently working on a site that has alot of member profiles. I have been trying to find the easiest / cleanest way to make this look good and function well. This is the site I found that i really think works well. http://www.portlandbuylocal.org/directory/ I know they are just using posts and categories. Does pagelines already have a section for this? Or any feedback on the best route to make all the jive together? Some keep points i like. -Top Browse filter section -Integrated map on the side that will expand and show all the filtered maps you are currently look at. - Browse by tags sidebar widget - recently viewed members on on a sidebar widget once you click on one of the members. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jarrod
  5. Hi! I use a plugin called Special Recent Posts to display my posts. I created static pages and I display the posts with a shortcode [srp ... "category=7" ...] to have the result: http://www.bienal-stp.org/noticias/ I have an archive menu by month for the category and when I click on one of the months I get all posts for the chosen month but with the default layout, and not the one I have with srp shortcode: http://www.bienal-stp.org/2013/01/?cat=7 How can I alter this, having the posts list selected from archive widget link with srp layout? Thanks
  6. I am using the posts in page plugin to feed post categories to certain pages: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/posts-in-page/ my problem is with css, I cannot get this feed to look good. I just need the right css for the description. here is the link: http://hfsir.com/connieantoniou/ any advice would be helpful. here is the css I have inserted so far: .ivycat-post .entry-title { font-size: 18px; } .ivycat-post { margin-bottom:10px; border-bottom:1px solid grey; } .ivycat-post .entry-utility { display: none; } .tab-pane { width:660px; height:280px; } .featured-image { width: 150px; } .entry-summary { width: 400px; margin-left: 155px; margin-top: 10px; } .featured-image { height:160px; width:150px; } div .cat-blurb p { font-size:0.85em; line-height:1.35em; margin:5px 0 0; padding:0; width:450px; }
  7. Hi everyone Ive just noticed that when any of my blog summaries (from the category list in the widget) are clicked on - the homepage comes up but the blog title has % xxx% around it. Im using Yoast seo plugin but i havent got a clue where to look on that, its so complicated. Can asnyone direct me what to do? my website is http://www.ripleyhypnotherapy.co.uk/hypnosis-derby-blog/ thanks
  8. See .... http://ohfamilyattorney.com and notice that blog tags are doubled up. I believe the top set belongs to Wordpress and the bottom set belongs to Pagelines. Adding ccs .tags { font-size: 10px; font-style: italic; display: none; } does help by removing the bottom tag list. However ... I would rather keep these and want to remove the top set. I cannot figure out how this extra set of tags got added and have never see this with my other sites ... please help.
  9. Hi, In 'Settings > Reading' I have set 'Front page displays' to 'latest posts'. But that homepage has loads of other stuff. I would like to create another 'clean' homepage for the blogposts only. I have tried to drag & drop the 'postloop' into the content area of 'template 2' and created a new page titled "Blog" with this template... but this doesn't do the trick. It shows an empty page. What am I missing? How to create a second home for blogposts only? Preferably with title, date posted, featured image, some text, nr of comments. Man thanks in advance, Kind regards, Floris
  10. Hi, (Using latest pagelines framework) I have a site that is set up to use a static page for homepage 1) under 'Dashboard > Settings > Reading' I have set posts page to 'News' Question - I would like to change the posts page setting as above to be blank, then create a page called news and only show certain post categories, but I would like the page to look like the pagelines one (2 full posts at top etc) which is the best way to accomplish this? Should I be looking to change/edit a setting somewhere else1 that would let me leave the posts page set to 'news' (as above) in order to keep control via pagelines admin section? I am trying to do this as I have events created through a plugin called Events Calendar that are making the 'News' link in main navigation highlight as well as the 'Events' link. if you look at http://www.theimpclub.com/events you'll see 'News' highlighted - I've tried creating a menu (which can been seen directly below-right of the main nav. any help/advice gratefully received as this issue is now doing my noggin in ) many thanks
  11. Hello, Pagelines Meta Settings in post page has become inaccessible. It has somehow moved to the right of the page. (see below) I have played around with the plugins none of which seem to be the issue or at least solve the issue if deactivated. I'm hoping someone may know or can help me figure this out. It would be greatly appreciated. Gilbert
  12. Tweet Db To Boxes?

    Heya, I am hoping to find a tool (I am a non-coder) to make use (searchable, accessible) of my 3000+ tweets, all relevant, on my 'about' pages (blog): I have tried many plug-ins (none worked) to do the following: 1. Import ALL tweets (i.e., NOT # tag filtered etc) 2. Accessible db of tweets +Either 1. Make posts of the tweets ...but flexible (partial) posts so that can show either title or post content + have live tweet links ---> from this I can build a page that shows the latest tweets and also provide search to access all relevant tweets as per key words as search results. OR 2. Even better would be to have the tweets as searchable 'elements' brought to the reader in something like the boxes, with live links 3. And to have a page of the latest tweets showing in boxes as a starting point before going for the search that would be also very good. Is there a way in the Pagelines portfolio of tools that allows to do this? I've been looking for a total of about 2 weeks and tested lots of things. dj
  13. Hi there, I have built my site www.eatportesdusoleil.com and created a number of pages. At the moment my posts appear on the home page ONLY, and I would like them to appear on specific pages also. How can I do this? Does it have anything to do with categories? Am usually pretty successful at figuring things out trial and error but absolutely can't work this one out. Would so appreciate the solution! Many thanks Beth.
  14. I know how to edit the post metabar data through site options > blog and posts. However, I have added a custom post type (listings) with a custom taxonomy (locations) and can't figure out how to get the custom taxonomy to show up through the short code. I've tried several different combinations [post_locations], [post_listings_locations], [listings_locations], etc., but nothing seems to be working. Any idea/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Posts Page

    Is it possible to make the latest posts 'home page' only display posts from a particular category? in the setup options under static page, what is the second option for? ie. settings/reading/static page/ the second options posts page.... do you have a link to help on this in documentation? is there are link between the 2 questions above?
  16. pictures on blog page

    Anyone who know how to do if I want all the pictures in my posts to appear when I am on my blog page?
  17. Pull Quotes

    Anyone have any tips for putting pull quotes into my posts? I'd love to see PageLines bring this capability to their platform, because I know it'd be super customizable and awesome!
  18. Blog posts problem

    Hi I have 2 problems with my blog posts. First the blogs text is repeating twice for some reason. Second I want the blogs main text to be exactly above where the image is showing. But now the image is a bit too far to the right. And even more if the image is set on medium size. I have tried to customize this in PageLines Blog and Posts settings but get nowhere. Is there anywhere else I am suppose to customize this settings? Here is site http://www.sailubju.com/blog/