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  1. Hi, I'm using the postpins on a site homepage to display latest news post. It's a dutch site so the date formatting should be dutch too. Now when I change the WordPress setting for date formatting, the postpins formatting stays the same. Is it hardcoded somehow in the postpins section?
  2. I really think there should be an option to choose the post excerpt OR the first 25 words. It makes way more sense to have post excerpt be the default.
  3. Hi. I've been using post pins and its pretty nice, but I've added a group of posts that I have for members only, but its showing up in my post pins mix. is there any way to have it leave a category out of the mix? thanks, John
  4. PostPins line break

    Hi, I'm trying to get a site up and going with Pagelines and PostPins but the most urking issue right now is that the post titles do not have proper line breaks in IE and Firefox, it will break, mid-word for the title of a post. You can see this site for example http://eyeonnarberth.com/ Chrome seems to behave properly, what can I do to force this behavior? Thank you!
  5. I really think there should be an option to choose the post excerpt OR the first 25 words. It makes way more sense to have post excerpt be the default.
  6. I recently installed PostPins on a website and I am very happy with it. I was able to hide parts that I did not want to show up (meta, excerpt, ...). It looks good but it still has a minor problem. PostPins is set to infinite scrolling. It seems if the page is opened in a big monitor only 15 posts load and there is no way to load the rest of the posts unless one makes the page smaller so the scroll appears. Is there any way to increase the limit on the first load of posts from 15 to a higher number? Can it be something that one can control on the setting page?
  7. Postpins - featured pins

    Hi, Is it possible to make postpins have featured pins option. Three to fours pins in the first row acts as featured pins, which will always stay in the screen (Infinite scroll or load more posts option) different set of colors in background. Featured Postpins should disappear and new set of featured pins should appear after a already site timer. It will help us to featured posts of a week or day, or to promote a particular set of articles in the site. Thanks, sakkthi
  8. As you can see from the image I attached, there is no "Cotinue Reading" link I want to be able to add Continue Reading link in Red on all PostPins.
  9. I want my entire short blog posts to appear on my client's PostPins Blog page. 1. How do I control the excerpt length in the postpins blog area? In Site Options>Blog and Posts, I've set my excerpt length at 1,000 characters. I've checked off the Posts/Blog Page for Full Post Content. I've tried copying my entire article into the Excerpt field of each published post, but the excerpts are still cut short. 2. Is there a way for me to break the link from the PostPins titles to the post while still allowing the feed? 3. I've eliminated all the metabar data on my posts and post clips. But it all remains on the postpins. How do I eliminate it there? URL: http://clientdev2.ramacommunications.net/?page_id=276
  10. Hi, just purchased the Postpins plugin. Thanks for the great work. Is there a way to hyperlink a text in the excerpt? Or maybe have an option to show all content rather than just excerpt, so that links can be created in the excerpt. I would like to add a button with Pagelines shortcode, but somehow Postpins does not pick it up, maybe because it's not programmed to allow links in the excerpt. Please help, thank you!
  11. okay, so attached is a copy of results from google speed test w and w/out postpins. here: http://www.pagelines.com/store/sections/pagelines-postpins/ on the page linked above you will see the following convo: QUESTION: "Holy cow - this plugin serve scaled images - NOT thumbnail size NOT Medium size BUT Full resolution so I have a page that loads a few MB now? Page load time: 3.53s Total page size: 9.03MB Total number of requests: 46 Websites worked like this 12 years ago - set it to use thumbnails as default or Medium size at leats (sic)." RESPONSE: "Thanks for informing us this issue has been resolved." This was 6 months ago. I got the plugin 6 weeks ago. The images that various speed tests have cited are ALL of the images that are used by postpins vis a vis the attached. So, no, the issue has not been resolved. There is a problem w jquery strings, and also w image scaling. This renders postpins virtually worthless for a large dynamic site. Please advise. p.s.--i love you guys and pagelines rocks!
  12. hi everybody. i'm getting a message to remove query strings from postpins. whatever should i do? TY. plugins/pagelines-sections/pagelines-postpins/script.infinitescroll.js?ver=3.5.1 plugins/pagelines-sections/pagelines-postpins/script.masonry.js?ver=3.5.1 p.s.--while searching for an answer, i came across this comment on a board: "I feel like I accidentally walked into Chinese algebra class."
  13. PostPins for some reason pulls the full size images. I have seen a couple other threads telling people to resize all of their featured images, but that's not really acceptable, especially when so many posts are present. Why are the images not resized or pulled from the thumbnail, or the small/medium version, or something? Or at least give us an option in setup to let us choose what image size to pull from?
  14. Hi, Can anyone suggest me some help regarding this? I want postpins to load only with image and that post title, first few lines of post should not be loaded. Thanks, sakkthi
  15. I have created new template and added postpins to that template. Created page in that template. In page meta settings - Postpins selected a particular category to load. But postpin not loads in that page. www.concordchennai.com/portal/checktest /http://concordchenna...-bioscientific/ http://i49.tinypic.com/2pt2aom.jpg http://i45.tinypic.com/2yk0x3q.jpg http://i49.tinypic.com/vipqnq.jpg Please guide me. Thanks, sakkthi
  16. Unpacking the packageā€¦ Installing the pluginā€¦ The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed. This is the error code I get when I try to load postpins on my website. I am using the pagelines framework. Could you please assist?
  17. Hi everyone, i am rebuilding my website from scratch and i would like to start using the PostPins section. I managed to customize it pretty much, it a good plugin which allowed me that but i a cannot find the part of the code where i can change the number of words or the size of the summary / excerpt section to add more rows / words not just 3 as it comes by default. Photo attached. Anyone knows how to do this?
  18. Hi, I wanna rename the text "load more posts" in postpins to "load more products"? Please guide me. Thanks, sakkthi