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  1. originally coming from iBlogPro3 - there was a custom-field called »thumb« carrying all my 200px x 200px post-thumbnails. I also used them in iBlogPro4 with no problem. Now in my migration-project to iBlogPro5 these custom fields still exists, but thumbnails don't show up like before - maybe it simply doesn't exist in the new framework. No problem, I thouht and started to manually grab the URLs and put them as »feature-post-thumbnail« in one of these legacy posts. But now the thumbs show up in 75px x 75px size in the post. The corresponding images are sitting in a Nextgen-Gallery folder with original size 200px x 200px and that folder seems to create a problem. If I copy on of these images over to the WP-Media folder and set as »feature-post thumbnail« they show up much bigger: 165px x 165px. Almost there, I thought, but still to small. So next I found the reason for the smaller size with Firebug in the »postloop« section: <a class="post-thumb img fix" style="width: 25%; max-width: 200px"> putting the width to 100% … and my original 200px x 200px thumb size was back! Great, I thought, but what code to put into the customize CSS plugin to change this? Firebug only gave me: element.style { max-width: 200px; width: 25%; } but no matching compiled CSS. Just putting that snippet in, gives no result. I'm not a pro and maybe it's simple, but I'm stuck with that an need help with the correct CSS. And of course it would be great to have a simple way to bulk edit my old posts to get the thumbnails back into place without the need to move them away from ther original NGG-folder. Maybe with a plugin like Auto Post Thumbnail PRO?