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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to customize the author link that is by default included below the post title by changing its URL as well as including the rel="me" tag. You have mentioned (here http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/24354-change-author-page/?hl=author) that changing the author URL would require significant coding. However, is there a way around it? Can't it be done without too much coding (simply customizing part of the post loop)? The reason why I need to change it is Google. In order to get rich snippet excerpts from Google, you need to point to a page that includes your Google+ profile. And I guess more people will soon have the same problem. Thanks for your time and help!
  2. I am trying to change the spacing after post titles on my test site: http://ths.passportusa.webfactional.com/ I am using #site .entry-title {font-size: 18pt; } to change the font size of the post title but a related expression #site .entry-title {margin: .2em 0;} does not seem to change the line spacing. Can you help me with the proper code? Also, any help with code to remove text like "Posted in Traveler Testimonials | Leave a comment |" after posts? Thanks, Andrew
  3. Hi I have set up a blog and find that when I preview the title and metabar are overlapping I attach an example of the sample age showing the problem. I have a little CSS code in for the pages but not sure what else could be impacting this. body{ font-size:12px !important; line-height:20px !important; } h1 { height: 15px; } Any ideas? rgds Znsols
  4. Hi, I am a wordpress beginner working on a web site on ulfholgersson.se. If possible, I would like to change how the featured image and post text/title are displayed on category pages. Specifically I would like to (on category pages): - change the featured image size to "full size", in this case about 600 px width (may vary between pictures) - remove the frame around the featured image - change the featured image link to the image url (rather than post url) - display the post title on the left side of the featured image - display the post text on the left side of the featured mage (under the title) Like this: If anyone has any ideas how to achieve this I would be very thankful!