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  1. PostPins

    Hi Using Postpins for a new project, trying to adjust the width of the postboard, and align them with website title, to the left. When i put the right width (1100 px) in Firebug, preview works fine, but when put in custom CSS field, it does not work: element.style { height: 2023px; position: relative; width: 880px; (need to change this to 1100 px) http://www.lastminutecondodeals.ca/ I wonder if you could help me with teh correct class name. Thank you very much
  2. Every now and again, I'll notice that things change on the backend of my site when I didn't manually change them. For instance, I noticed this morning that my post pins section just completely disappeared from my site. So I did the following: 1. I checked to see if the section was an option within the drag and drop area of the pagelines dashboard, and it wasn't. 2. then I went to the sections tab within pagelines dashboard (via wp dashboard) and noticed that it said the section wasn't installed. 3. When I clicked to install the section, though, it said that the section already existed within my site folder. 4. This has happened before, so I already knew to check my FTP (I use filezilla) and look within the location that error message said the folder was located. Sure enough, the folder was there. 5. I deleted the folder 6. Then I downloaded the section My problem is that I had edited the section because I wanted the capability filter by category and tag AND I actually changed the excerpt length from 25 to 0......so I don't want the "as is" version of the section. I knew that an update was bound to be released eventually, so I actually saved my custom code within a php file on my personal hardrive. When I replaced the current section.php file with the one I had saved, though, my /wp-admin (aka backend of my site) completely shut down. So this leads me to 2 questions: 1. Why did the section delete without me deleting it? 2. how do incorporate the code I got from here (thanks to @simon) other information: my site: http://www.brightontheday.com
  3. Hi! I'm building a site in witch I have a left sidebar with a menu. In some templates I use text in Content Area and I have the desired result: Menu Content Area Text link1 Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error link2 doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam link3 ect............ link4 link5 but in one specific template I would like to have Post in content area using PostPins Menu Content Area Text link1 link2 Post1 Post2 Post3 link3 Sed ut perspiciatis ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas Neque porro quisqu link4 Sed ut perspiciatis ipsam voluptatem voluptas link5 ipsam quia voluptas The problem is that I can't put the side bar in left of the section and I get this Menu Content Area Text link1 link2 link3 link4 link5 Post1 Post2 Post3 Sed ut perspiciatis ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas Neque porro quisqu Sed ut perspiciatis ipsam voluptatem voluptas ipsam quia voluptas Is there anyway to put PostPins in Conten Area or Expand the side bar to left side of the section? Thanks Hugo Dias
  4. PostPins for some reason pulls the full size images. I have seen a couple other threads telling people to resize all of their featured images, but that's not really acceptable, especially when so many posts are present. Why are the images not resized or pulled from the thumbnail, or the small/medium version, or something? Or at least give us an option in setup to let us choose what image size to pull from?
  5. I've installed Post Pins and set it to show a single category however I cannot control the sort order that posts appear. I modified the publish dates to try to control the sort order, but that didn't change anything. I also used the Post Re-order plug-in, without any impact. How are posts ordered? Here's my page: http://bookinwithsunny.com/book-club/bookclub/ Thanks, TJ