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  1. We need to show the Universal Side Bar on the post page, we have got the bar to show on the Blog page, where the posts are displayed but once you click on the post to read it in full we cant seem to get it to show. We have spent several hours on this, locating all the sections and configurations but have come to a dead end, I am sure it is a simple setting but we cant seem to fathom it at present. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hi all, I've a problem in associate pages with menu items. In the page www.bienal-stp.org a have post references in page http://www.bienal-stp.org/exposicoes/ In this page, main menu "Exposições" and left menu "7ª Bienal" are highlighted, but when I enter in one post listed I loose both menus highlight. How can I do something like "highlight a menu item if the post page displayed is from a certain category" ?? Thanks Hugo